Saturday, November 17, 2007

The finish is in sight!

Whew! Lotsa quilting happened today. :) Which also means that plenty of thread was used too.

I opened the "Milk Chocolate" spool yesterday, and above shows how much I've used. Well over half of it!! I made a little mark on my Excel list to order some more whenever I make another purchase from Connecting Threads, probably not until some time next year. Perhaps in a year from now, I'll have 2 spools of each color "in stock" and even more of the ones that I use a lot, say black or white?

I also kept track of how many bobbins it took me to make this quilt.
-4 bobbins of the silver for the piecing of the top and adding the binding
-9 bobbins of the brown for the free-motioning! NINE! I have never used so much thread in one quilt before. I guess that means I'm getting closer to doing more custom work on my quilts?

Here's the top on my computer chair - I put it there so I wouldn't be tempted to sit on it and procrastinate on making the binding. :P

I did find the Connecting Threads fabric to fray a bit more than my normally prewashed fabrics, and you can see a bit of it on the batting.

Binding on, trimmed and ready to be hand sewn down!

And you can see a bit of the backing. It's one of my hand dyed backings - using leftover green and blue mixed together. Since my other backing choices were orange, purple and neon pink, I felt that the teal was the best shade for this quilt. :)



atet said...

The teal backing is lovely with the colors on the front. The quilting is looking really good as well. Nice work!

Lindah said...

Your quilt is so pretty, Leah!

jeanette said...

Your quilt looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love those colors in your quilt. Was it a pack of fabric from Connecting Threads or something? Yummy! And I have a *ton* of their thread myself. I haven't used much of it, but it is not bad thread for the price.

Elaine Adair said...

Your close-up shot of quilting helped me decide what to to with a donation quilt that I wanted DONE and was leaning towards TIED. But after your photos, I will quilt it! Thanks for the incentive! Isn't that funny how we love those stitchey photos?

This quilt is just wonderful. good work, even if you used a LOT of thread. MY Connecting Threads order should be arriving soon! Yeah.

Kim said...

the strips have pinked edges and aren't thready so far.....