Friday, November 23, 2007

Done with Bonus quilt

I put the last stitches of the binding in yesterday.

A prewashed photo of the top. It measured 29.75x36.5 at this point.

I used a country house fabric I had for several years.

And the Dusty Rose Essential thread was a perfect match to the backing.

Then it got tossed into the washer (with some clothes), I don't baby my quilts because I want them to be ready to take some use and abuse.

More crinkle goodness! And now it measures 28.75x35. So the quilting doesn't shrink the quilt THAT much. Now is it the batting (high loft polyester) or the unwashed fabrics that made the quilt shrink so much? Guess I'll have to make another quilt to find out. ;)

Another shot of the unwashed back.

Really gives a nice view of all the quilting. Great learning experience for me too.

And in just 8 days of receiving the fabric in the mail, I've used up a good 95% of it! I have about 12" left of the binding fabric, which can join the stash. But I love that I gave myself a chance to do a non-stash quilt. That it might actually be more fun if I have a smaller stash of fabrics! It's still kinda scrappy looking, but didn't take 100 different fabrics or 6 years of collecting, just 15 different FQs in 8 days. And 2 quilts to boot!

Time to pare down the stash. :)



Kim said...

wow! as I still work on making blocks from hsts for the Girl Scouts- I have enough blocks for one of the seven quilts (thank God) 6 more to go, and I'm hand quilting the Xmas Pineapple to mail next week. My big job today is get paperwork ready to apply for ds's passport Mon or Tues- lucky duck is going to Italy in April.
But I stand in complete amazement at your speed of piecing and quilting. So tell me, did you quilt your mystery yet from Ann? I expect a quilted mystery NYE lol

Lindah said...

Leah, this is really pretty! You have inspired me to sort through my scraps and use this patter. Your quilting is so nice. I really like the curved line pattern --but I know from experience that it take a lot of concentration and coordination! :-/

Keep up the good work!
Linda H

Dannielle said...


I think it's the unwashed fabric. I almost never prewash and almost always use cotton batting because I'm afraid if I do something different I won't get that crinkly look I love so much.

anne bebbington said...

Leah - you've made a beautiful job of this quilt - I'll hazard a guess it's the unwashed fabrics shrinking that have caused the shrinkage. I love the colour combinations and your different quilting designs - subtle and beautiful

Valerie said...

Boy did that shrinkage make the quilting on the back pop! Looks beautiful Leah!

Kathy Wagner said...

I enjoyed reading about your latest quilting adventures and experiments with machine quilting!
You did a great job!

Chrissie said...

Well done!! Paul was impressed, too! :)
Luv ya! Chrissie

Serena said...

Your quilting is so beautiful!! Fantastic job!! I need to get to some more freehand quilting practice! :)

Serena said...

Your quilting is so beautiful!! Fantastic job!! I need to get to some more freehand quilting practice! :)