Saturday, November 24, 2007

Slow me down!

I feel like I'm quilting at 178 miles per hour these days! How else am I able to get so much done? :P

So we're done with the Country fun, time to do something else. A few years ago somebody gave me a bunch of 3" squares. I thought it was Kim, but she thinks differently.

So I began to sew the squares together in the past month. Sometimes just to spend time on my sewing machine, sometimes as leaders and enders. Then the pile of squares began to dwindle a little. Uh oh. So I pulled out a priority box of scraps another quilter gave me and anything that was bigger than 4x7 inches was cut down into 3" squares. I busted half a priority box this way! I even set aside some of the generous ends as strings. Maybe I'll get back to my string quilt in December.

I didn't bother to do a light/dark setting, but aimed for every 9-patch to have no fabric repeats. Just grabbed and sewed. No matching needed! ;)

I ironed all the squares in one direction, would flip one strip of 3 squares around and the seams nested perfectly. I love it when there's minimal bulk, makes quilting so much easier.

There's all kinds of fabrics. Christmas, Halloween (not mine, I don't like Halloween), kiddie, floral, manly and on and on. Anything 3" square is welcomed. :)

Last night I cut the alternative blue squares and pieced the top together. The blue really helps calm things down! And the leftover ends of the blue strips got cut into 3" squares where I could and added to the bin. I think I'd like to keep this "project" going on for a while. I know a lot of quilter struggle to put their 3" strips and squares to use, but I'm gonna have fun seeing how many different ways I can use simple squares. :)

I can tell you this though, my sewing machine was really thankful on Thanksgiving day - I didn't turn it on! :D



Appleby said...

I'm exhausted for you, with the speed you are working!!!!

Kim said...

wow I love it and nope none of those fabric look familuar- maybe Mel - she sent me a box of novelties a few months ago. I've been sewing on and off but was making mistakes so stopped and worked on hand quilting while watch 28 weeks- don't bother dumber than the first one