Thursday, November 29, 2007

How I do Continuous Curves

Appleby asked how to make continuous curves - I love seeing her excitement for quilting and free-motioning. :)

Here's how *I* do it. Seems like some quilting books show differently, but my brain doesn't wrap around their method.

I start in the right top corner of the quilt area that I want to do CC is. It's where the 1/start is on the paper, blue marker.

I make curves across the top blocks all the way to the center of the quilt (the other half will be done by flipping the quilt around and not having to deal with so much bulk in the machine's throat).

Then I start to work my way down one row/column at a time. I "fill" 2 sides of each curve in the squares all the way to the bottom, as you can see with the green marker. The blue counts as the first curve in the first top square.

Then when I get to the bottom, I begin to work my way back up - the pink marker -filling all the areas that the green didn't get.

Starting in the second column, I overlapped the green and pink so you can see how it flows all the way to the end of the quilt.

Hopefully the picture will make sense where my words don't. I'll say this though... it's easier for me to quilt than draw! :)



Kim said...

Im so confused-lol
but then I am easily confused

Patty said...

i am printing out your chart and putting it on the wall next to my sewing machine ! Thanks for that info

Patty said...
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Andrea said...

This makes me want to make a quilt of squares just so I can try this method. It looks great !

Jeri said...

Leah, your quilt looks great! I have a longarm and I can't figure out continuous curves.... :)

Chrissie said...

Thanks for the tutorial! Maybe I will give it a try someday.:)
Take care!

pudge's girl said...

thank you for the lovely tutorial and also it was a gas to read about your grandfather. lucky you for the quilts and the great family. Mary