Friday, November 16, 2007

I can't stop yawning...

I'm so sleepy right now... I just wanna take a nap. So logically, I'll sew to keep awake! That's right, operate dangerous machinery with eyes half opened. ;) But you know... I think I'll stay away from the rotary cutter for a few hours. :P

I'm also blasting out my playlist on the iPod in hopes of staying awake. And getting up a lot to go back and forth from the machine and computer. And yawning enough to put 10 people to sleep.

I'm tired cuz I woke up at 5am. I was sleeping with my hands above my head and my fingers were touching the wall. I felt some rumbling, and of course the first thought this California-born gal had was "earthquake!" Then my second thought was "oh no, my fabric fell through the floor... hope the rest of the building doesn't go down too." (I think it's time to bust some more stash!)

I looked out window and noticed some water on the glass. Was it raining? Can't see without my contacts. So I started to drift back to sleep, then there was this huge crack of lightening, followed by some more rumbling - thunder. Ah! Just a typical monsoon-like weather. But I couldn't fall back asleep, cuz I started to think about my quilt, and thinking of what thread to use... and what quilting pattern... and what to do with the bonus HSTs (yes, that's what the picture is)... oh, my husband's alarm went off. Might as well get up too. :)


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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are blogging again! You have really been productive this week! I am amazed at what you do when you put your mind to it and are motivated.

I don't sew...think I'll take some of your motivation and clean!

Blessings ~ Ruthie Redneck