Saturday, December 08, 2007

A new quilt

Today I've been working on Bonnie's mystery.

I've got clue/unit 1 completed - rail fence blocks. I've started on clue #2, but probably won't have that completed until Sunday or Monday. At least I should be ready whenever clue #3 comes out! :)

I can not explain it, but when I'm working on a mystery quilt and the more I handle the pieces and think about them, the more I feel like I need to solve it! Ahhh! Drives me nuts. I had to stop in the middle of sewing and draw up the quilt in EQ5. Below is what I *think* the mystery results will be.

Except much bigger than my drawing, it'll have 4 star blocks in both directions. I just didn't want to click and fool around with more blocks.

Then I wondered... what if I added some purple?

Mmm, yes! I'm liking this. Not enough to derive from Bonnie's pattern, but it always can go into the "someday quilt" file. ;)

How about a little more purple?

It looks fine close up, but not so much when you just see a thumbnail.

In all honesty, I have no idea where this pattern is going. There haven't been any 4-patches in the mystery yet. That was completely my own doing. :) I just had to fill my need to put it down on paper.


No quilts completed this week! Are you shocked? ;) Let's just say that the "blessing" of being a woman has left me more tired this week. Not to mention I have a new freezer to fill up. ;)

I used about 2 bobbins this week, all in piecing.

I busted about 10 yards of fabric. This includes various green, pink and white fabric for Bonnie's quilt - I might have some strips leftover. Let's not forget the half yard that I gave to the guild's Christmas swap.

I received .75 yards this week, all from the quilt guild's Christmas party.

Seems like when one week has a good bobbin result, it has lower stashbusting results. Good fabric busting is lower bobbins emptied, and therefore less machine time. Tic for tac?

I'm just happy I have my quilting mood back after this summer! The heat did me in and I just couldn't bare the thought of turning on the iron most of the time. But now it's nice and chilly (about 40 degrees outside), I want to make quilts! Lots of quilts! Warm quilts! Cuddly quilts! Quilts! :D



dot said...

Unfortunately with all I have going on right now I don't have time to play along. I don't know if you are right but it sure looks good. Very nice fabric choices.

Sew Prim Khris said...

Love the pink and greens together. Isn't it fun doing a mystery quilt. My first time and I am loving it. Will be funny if the quilt does turn out to be the same as your drawing. Hugs, Khris

Appleby said...

I too love the fabric choices.

Would love to know more about the ins and outs of a mystery quilt. I have heard of this expression before, but exactly how does the process work?

I have not sewn myself in a week or more, time is an issue around here!!

JudyL said...

Sounds like you had a good week. I'm not doing Bonnie's mystery but am enjoying following its progress. What are you putting in your freezer to fill it up? You could fill it up real quickly with fabric! :)

Sweet P said...

I'm the same way with mystery quilts. I start playing with the blocks and before I know it, I'm making another quilt with those blocks. I like the colors you're using for Bonnie's quilt.

andsewitis Holly said...

It'll be interesting to see how close you are to what Bonnie has in mind. I've never made a mystery quilt. I kinda like to see how it ends before beginning :)

Morah said...

You're too funny trying to figure out this mystery. It never occured to me to try to figure it out until it's done!

Kim said...

NO!!! Not qst's! I love your where does the companion angler ruler come into the mystery??? Remember she said we needed one....I'm off to the post office...

Sara said...

Well, with 200 blocks that will finish to 3", I figure we now can fill a 30" x 60" space. Bonnie says the final quilt will be 80" x 80". Does what you have imagined fill up that amount of space?

ForestJane said...

I'm betting the 9 patches and rail fences go together somewhat like you've got them, but I'd also bet she's going to do something different with her ruler :)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Oh, I DO like the designs you have come up with. And, I am so not surprised that your mystery quilt is using your favorite - purple! My son's favorite color is orange.