Saturday, December 08, 2007

Off of my high

Looks like I'm off of my "quilting high" this week. Barely any sewing done, much less an entire quilt! :P

Here's a picture of the fabric I brought to the quilt guild's Christmas swap.

Yup, half a yard of one of my hand dyes. I know... the rules were half a yard of new fabric... but who'd complain about opening this? :) It was an experiment of purple and orange. They don't blend that well, as you can see in the bottom right corner.

Then this is the fabric I unwrapped, and nobody stole it!

I was kinda surprised, a lot of the more attractive fabrics were being stolen. Couple ladies eyed my piece, but nobody took it. Maybe because it's Laurel Birch fabric and they already have it? Well, I don't have it, and now I do! :D I can get 32 5" squares out of that half yard. So I think it'll be the center of something. Squares or stars... I don't want to cut it up too much and ruin the birds.

And I really thought I was going to come home with the exact amount of fabric I arrived with...

...but nooooooooo, they had to hand out a FQ to everybody. Mine has little silver sparkles in it. Probably will get whacked up into 3" squares or strings. :)

Now I'm putting my attention towards Bonnie's mystery quilt.



Kim said...

oh I love your fabric- so colorful. I've been hand quilting my scrappy mountains- I threw my back out yesterday morning about 15 minutes before I was to leave for our guild holiday party- and of course being VP I HAD TO go :(
nothing like sitting in folding chairs for almost 4 hours and then a long drive home in the snow to help with a sore back.
I think you're going to do ONE more quilt for the year- did you finish your mystery borders???

Appleby said...

I love Laurel Birch, glad you liked the fabric.......