Thursday, February 28, 2008

My favorites of the quilt show

Last weekend was my quilt guild's annual show. I almost thought I wasn't going, but found some time on Sunday afternoon before the show closed.

Below is a HUGE quilt that was made for the now-retired president of the guild for the past 2 years, Sue Lee.

Everybody was given the white center strips of fabric, and they selected the other colors from their stash.

I picked hand dyes and black for my own block.

I didn't do the lime green frame around the block though, I assume the person who put the top together did, probably to help make all the blocks the same size. :) So I was "in" the quilt show, but didn't know until I saw the quilt!

Scrappy quilts always catch my eye.

If I ever have too many of the same size squares, at least I'll have an idea what to do with them!

A quilt from the antique section, made around 1870.

There's stars in the quilt... but it took me a minute to find it. I'll give you a hint, they have brown centers.

Nothing captures my eye as easily as black and bright quilts do.

Sad news is that I'm down to my last 3.5 yards of Kona black - need to order some more! I've probably have used up about 50 yards of black in the past 2 years.

Another antique quilt, love the green.

I think I'm also ready to start making some 4-patches. Easy, fun, hard to goof up. ;)

Pretty quilt, right?

The size of the hexes are insane though! A dime would cover an entire hex. I kept putting my finger near it, trying to grasp the size it actually is. My thumb could cover 3 hexes at once. I'm still shaking my head, trying to imagine somebody actually sewing that!

Anybody who has snow, cold weather or anything below 50 degrees... please, please, please send it my way! It's too late, the sweating has already begun. It just makes me so sad. Can you get SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in the summer? :P And I just got a new fleece jacket and a fleece pullover from REI! Maybe I'll get to use them in November.

I also put away my couch quilts, it's just too warm to pull them over me now. And soon my husband will put away his quilt... I hear the housing prices are great in Antarctica! ;)



tami said...

I would absolutely LOVE to be able to send you some of our cold weather. We are getting ANOTHER huge snowstorm tonight and all day tomorrow. I am so tired of slippery roads, cold weather and am ready to get outside and plant my garden.

Suzanne Earley said...

People who sew teeny tiny minis like that clearly need to see a doctor. Good grief, that's nuts! LOL!

If I could send you my cold and snow I would do it in a heartbeat. Enough already.

Rose said...

Thanks for the quilt show! Love the brights on black, too. I have a friend who almost does nothing else now. As for minis, I am always in total awe of them.

Allison said...

Thanks for the photos! I am working a hex quilt - but my thumb is smaller than they are...

Dorothy said...

Thank you for the pretty pictures! We don't have winter quilt shows around here, probably because we need them ALL on the beds. It was -15ยบ when I got up this morning. You want some? Take it all and I'll throw int he 40 inches of snow we got in February.

Saskia said...

Fun to see the mom is a fiber artist so I grew up with them all over the place! But I really am writing because I noticed you mentioned SAD in the summer...there IS such a thing called, of course, Summer SAD. I have a blog/info website about it and was just featured on NPR about it--so if you want people to commiserate with check it out!And Happy quilting!