Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A small confession

Come on, you didn't think I was a perfect girl at the quilt show the other week, did you? ;)

I didn't buy fabric, but I did buy this stamp. See... back in fall 2005, Nines posted about using the By Kate method of making hexes. I put the stamps on my Christmas list, but nobody bought it for me. So more than 2 years later, I found it at the quilt show! Of course I grabbed it up. :)

I'm planning to use the leftover fabric from my first batch of dyed fabrics. I have roughly a fat eighth left of the pieces. Since I moved onto higher quality fabric for dyeing, I'm not excited to use these up in a quilt any time soon. If I badly mess up trying to sew some stamped hexes together, I'm not gonna weep over the loss of fabric.

The only downside is that I haven't gotten the courage to give hand piecing a shot yet! I really struggle with the ending knot. I probably overdo it when I'm sewing down bindings, but I don't comfortably know what will and won't hold together. So making 7 knots is my way of assuring that it won't come undone.

Ok, maybe not seven. ;)



Winona said...

I use one knot, then a backstitch at the beginning and ending of the thread when I am hand quilting. You should give it a try some day. I'll bet you would like it. You quilt is looking good.

Elaine Adair said...

The Hex stamp seems like a PERFECT solution to making or drawing all the hexagons. Is there a maker listed? Other stamps? Might be a good thing to know. I have a friend who bought ONE expensive stamp, and colors it in, for her labels. Gives her an identity, no more problems thinking of an original label, and saves time, etc. I'm wondering if YOUR stamp manufacturer offers such nice ideas.