Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The new lamp

On Sunday my husband and I bought a new lamp for the bedroom. There's a switch near the door, but I didn't figure out what plug socket it belonged to until after rearranging the bedroom.

It's so great! We paid $25 for it at WalMart. It's got 3 shelves - you can see that I use one to put my quilting hand work on it. Scissors, thread, needles, clippings. I also got an extension cord so we could put the lamp by my side of the bed. I've really struggled to get enough light at night time for hand sewing... that's fixed now! :)

And you can see the Puss in Corner quilt, which I'm still sewing down the binding. Didn't get a chance to do it today, as I was busy cleaning the bathroom and making bread. :)


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Shelina said...

Leah - I am behind in reading blogs, and I read that you are feeling tired and sleeping all day, and in the next post, you've completely remodeled your bedroom! You certainly make good time. It looks wonderful, and the lamp is such a nice treat to get rewarded with. You're welcome to come over any time and do my house!