Monday, April 07, 2008

Three months to cave

It took a good three months this year, but it finally happened...

...I bought some fabric. :) 2.5 yards of this luscious teal flower batik. Yes, I cleaned the bolt off. :D (And to my sister Andrea... thank you for the JoAnn's gift card!)

I also bought 8 yards of Kona black fabric, but I'm not counting that, as it's kinda essential in MY stash. ;) Like thread. You gotta have thread to quilt, I gotta have my black.

This is the first time since March 2 that I've been able to report any changes in my stash, negative or positive! It's so nice having my sewing machine back!!



Kim said...

I didn't think fabric bought with gift cards counted - they are gifts :)
But black for you is a background and a need the batik is pretty

Lori in South Dakota said...

That's not a cave, that's merely a small crumble!!! And it's YOUR stash! But you are getting things done, that's the most important part.