Wednesday, April 16, 2008

TATW updates

I left off on Saturday night, hoping to have a quilt top. Alas, it wasn't meant to be.

I was 3 seams away from being finished (I did do some more sewing after taking the above picture). But I was starting to make mistakes, so I made myself stop and go to bed.

Sunday was busy with church, laundry - including putting it away. Kinda rare for me to get to that right away. No sewing that day.

Monday was mostly baking. I had to clean the kitchen first, then I started on some whole wheat bread. I'm still so appreciative of the grain grinder my mom generously gave me!

You can see the bread rising. As it was actually baking, I took time to finish sewing the Trip Around the World into a top.

For dinner we had curry chicken and brown rice. First time I ever used curry in cooking.

I took a bite and at first I was like "mmm... this isn't too spic-- MILK! GIMME MILK!" What can I say... I'm a wimp. ;) But yes, it's a meal that we'll be seeing again in our future. Easy, flavorful, healthy. I'll just make sure there's plenty of milk on hand.

Tuesday I sewed the borders on TATW, put some pork in the crockpot and watch a woman win the Biggest Loser for the first time. :)

Today I cleaned and vacuumed the living room floor so I could pin the quilt.

I'm pleased with the results, things are moving a long at a good pace. I did have to open a new box of safety pins. Probably could have gotten away with pinning every other square. Pinning took about 45 minutes in all. A little longer than the time it takes to load a flat quilt onto a long arm machine.

Bah. I shouldn't day dream about having a long arm, we don't have the ROOM. Or the money. :P But the room is the bigger factor right now.

My goal is to get this quilted and bound by Sunday! :)



Dorothy said...

Oooh, pretty! Looks like spring. Sometimes forcing yourself to walk away is the best plan. 3 seams might not seem like so much, but it's a mile if you have to rip it out.

Valerie said...

Oh I just love curried food...I'm a major wimp, we usually go easy on the curry in this house, just enough for good flavor. Curry is also wonderful if you add a bit of tumeric to it. My favorite meal is an Indian dish my father learned to make years ago when all that was very in's called take cut up potatoes (I like red) and we use stew beef chunks, onions, curry, a little garlic powder, and tumeric, and add some water and cook it all until your beef is cooked through and your potatoes are soft. It's really a filling that you put in chapati's (a flat kind wheat bread sort of like a tortilla) with a little butter. Of course, in India they don't eat cows, so it would be made without meat or butter, but I like my beef! :)

The Quilting Pirate said...

mmmmmmmmmm curry chicken!!! YUM!!

The quilt looks WONDERFUL! Sounds like you are on track to finishing this project!

andsewitis Holly said...

Very pretty TATW. Wasn't Biggest Loser great?! I love that show and was glad that Ali won. I ate curry all the time growing up. Kind of a curried chicken stew with potatoes, carrots, onions and curry sauce over rice. For a side next time try cut up bananas and cantaloup and peanuts. It's the best and somehow the fruit balances the heat. Your bread looks wonderful.

Mary said...

The quilt looks great - I'm always so happy to get a finished top.

I had to compromise and downsize my longarm when we moved last year but going to a smaller machine and table was worth being able to still have a longarm. I even managed to get the legs facing the right way when we assembled it yesterday!

Shelina said...

I too have purchased some of those curry mixes that are way too hot. Next time, you can try reducing the amount of the curry you use. Or throw in some extra vegetables. Or increase the ratio of rice. And as you said, have milk handy.
Your TATW looks wonderful. You are so quick!

Elaine Adair said...

Love 'some' curry but I think the heat factor varies a LOT with brand.

Love the TATW!