Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Ending

I never got around to telling you what happened to the Puss In Corner quilt. Yeah, the one that I was delayed on for a month because my machine had to go to the sewing machine doctor. :P

Once I got my machine back, it went fairly well... til I was almost done with the border.

D'oh! Yes, quilter's version of Murphy. "You'll run out of bobbin thread with less than 2 inches left to quilt." And it happened on my Trip Around The World quilt too. I want a machine that uses regular spools for the bobbin. ;)

The completed top, before washing. I always like to wash my quilts before I send it off.

The only quilt I can think of that I haven't washed is my Tubular Rainbow, cuz it went into the quilt show and I wanted it to lay really flat. And I haven't figured out how to block a quilt yet. The need for a flat surface in a 650-square-foot apartment kind crimps my desire to figure it out. :P

I did a meander in the blocks part of the quilt; a loopy line in the flower border, and my attempt at vines and leaves.

Mary was the one who suggested vines and leaves in a comment, and frankly it sounded easier than trying to do free-hand feathers as I originally planned. :)

A shot of the back. I love using the 60" hand dyed fabrics for backings! Just gotta iron them and then they're ready to be used.

I had some minor tension issues, but mostly I was trying to get reacquainted with my sewing machine and the "new" adjustments on the tension. Instead of free-motioning with a tension of 1-2, it's now like 6-7. Almost like the Bernina guy "flipped" my tension around. 3-4 is what works for piecing, both before and after my machine went to the shop.

What did I do with the quilt? I had a random giveaway on one of the forums I frequent. Over 50 ladies put their name in, and one lucky gal got hers pulled out of the bowl! I asked her to share pictures of her with the quilt when it arrived...

She one-upped me by showing this absolutely adorable picture of her son in the quilt! I love it! :)

At least I know this is one quilt that's gonna live happily ever after in their family. :)



ruthieredneck said...

I've gotta say...the 2 together make a wonderful picture. Presious, no matter how you look at it.

Tracey in CT said...

The recipient sure looks happy with his quilt! Nice job with the quilting.

What is it with the bobbin always running out right before the end?? Never fails here either... I've told my DH that he needs to figure out how to retrofit the machine to use a full spool in the bobbin, but so far, no brilliant ideas.
Imagine how much money that invention would earn us?

Anonymous said...

What a perfect ending to a quilt story. The highest compliment for sure, when someone values and uses your quilt.

Elaine Adair said...

The end photo really finishes off this post very happily. 8-)

Shelina said...

It's a beautiful quilt - I am surprised you could give it away, but it looks like it went to a good home.

Winona said...

Beautiful job, Leah. That cute little boy sure looks like he is loving that quilt! LOL

Valerie said...

Oh your quilt turned out so pretty! I love the quilting you did on it - and what a lucky girl who won it!


Beautiful work you did:-)
Have a creative day
From Norway:-))