Thursday, April 03, 2008

Time on my hands

So what do you do when the kitchen is clean, you've folded some fabric, you're tired of crocheting... why, have a bedroom remodel! ;) The idea popped into my head late at night. I couldn't fall asleep. So I figured I'd rearrange the bedroom, and I specifically did it on April Fool's Day, and told my husband that he was gonna get a surprise on Tuesday. That made him really nervous! :D

Before: Everything was just kind of pushed around the walls, including the bed. Which made it impossible to make the bed and hard to open the windows. We've done it this way for 2 years.

And a whole pile of mess! Yes, the real and unedited version. Yikes...

And a couple hours of work with a deadline (before my husband got home!), I flipped things around and made the room BED centered.

Now opening the window is so much easier. And it looks like a little cozy corner, not a pile of clutter.

I couldn't believe the amount of trash that came up! Apparently I'm really lazy about throwing away the containers of my contact solution and old medicine. I also threw away some icky clothes and packed up another box of still-good stuff for the thrift store.

I also emptied out 5 boxes of stuff. Some of it was books, some of it was lotion and candles, some of it was music CDs. I know some of boxes were because we were feeling the pressure of moving by the end of our lease and we'd just toss it all in haphazardly...

My husband's reaction? Very surprised and then very pleased. He likes the changes so much more than I expected.

Now gotta keep it clean! :)



~Joan said...

Wow, Leah. That looks great. How brave of you to post the before pictures!


Jeanne said...

Your room looks terrific! If you still have time on your hands, I have a room just like the before picture. Maybe you could work your magic? *s*

Chrissie said...

Yeah! Beautiful job! Good to see you're feeling better!
God bless you,