Saturday, April 05, 2008

Look what's back!

Yes! My sewing machine. :) I picked it up yesterday, and now I'm hoping to finally finish the Puss In Corner quilt today. Took a whole month longer than expected!

When I dropped off my machine, I asked them to tell me how many hours were on it. I believe my machine is about 10 years old, they started making this model in 1998-2000. I bought it on eBay a little over 3 years ago. Guess how many hours are on it?

Only 62 hours!

What?! You mean that I've only actually sewn for 62 hours? Well... considering that I've had the machine for only 1/3rd of it's life, it might only be 20 hours. I understand that it's only counting the actual time the needle is moving up and down... but still! Either I'm a very fast quilter (flooring the pedal the entire way?), or I haven't made as many quilts as I thought.

*off to count all the quilts on my blog that were created by the Bernina*

I have completed (as in from piecing to binding) 28 quilts on my machine for SURE. And I'm not even counting the quilt my sister's quilt that got long armed. I didn't even bother counting the quilt tops, but I know I have at least 30 works in progress.

I'm just stunned. I can't decide if it's because it's so little hours on my machine, or if it's because the actual needle-moving time is so little to make so many quilts. I guess it's kinda like how you can go to school for 6 hours a day, but your pencil probably only writes for about 15 minutes.

On the bright side, if I ever want to sell my machine, I can brag that it has less than 100 hours. :P



Morah said...

Your machine has an internal clock? How interesting is that!!!!

Sweet P said...

I've often felt like I spend more time cutting, prepping and pinning (I know you don't do that) than I actually spend with the machine running. It is mind boggling though isn't it?