Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm working on a secret

My husband's birthday is this month, and I've been working on his gift. In fear of blabbing it on my blog, I've been staying away! I don't think my husband reads it though... but if he does, he'll probably have a good idea what it is! :P On the other hand, I was able to surprise him with his Christmas quilt even though I had been visibly working on and off for 10 months. So there's hope. ;)

First off, some recent goodies.

The Tried and True book came from Stephanie, who loves it enough to have three copies! She generously had them up for grabs and I tossed my name in. It's already sparked an idea or two. ;)

Galaxy came from Suzanne, who was hosting a giveaway on her blog. I didn't think I had a chance, but piped up and said I really liked Galaxy. Well! I won! :D Don't you think it'd look great with black background and hand dyes? :)

Last Friday I was at a "get together" with some fellow quilters and one of the ladies had some extra sets of Eleanor Burn's Quilt in a Day small geese ruler set. I was hemming and hawing at purchasing them (at a discount), until my friend pulled out some very beautiful (and tiny!) rows of geese. "Sold!" I told her. :)

But I'm not perfect. ;)

I had to go to WalMart for a few needed things... but I'm afraid 3 yards of this batik with gold crackles clearly fell under "wanted". But hey, I talked myself down from buying 4 yards to three. Progress? :D

While passing time at my in-law's house yesterday, I worked on the Trip Around the World binding.

I haven't worked on this in a few weeks, as I was distracted by my husband's birthday gift.

Here's the back, talk about bright! I did wavy furrows up and down the quilt, but I'm wondering if I should do them across too. What do you think?

The good news is that the whole quilt busts about 5.5 yards.

So more fabric still going "out" than in... but I've been planning my trip to my parents house, and a lot of you know that means we'll be dyeing more fabric!! Since we're planning to drive up this time, instead of fly, I intend to bring my sewing machine with me. We haven't done any real quilting since summer 2005. Seems like dyeing and other events take higher priority! ;)



ruthieredneck said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!!!

I love the fushia, and some of your hand-dyed no less. Gorgeous!

Elaine Adair said...

I kinda like the quilting stitches simply vertical! Gives it a new look.

Sweet P said...

I like the vertical quilting. I don't think I would add any more quilting to it. Your new fabric looks great.
Good luck on DH's present and on paying off the student loans.

Lori in South Dakota said...

Me too--I like the vertical lines. And I love the color.

ForestJane said...

I think it'd look good if you put horizontal quilting on it OR left it just like it is. :)

And love your batik you've just gotten, that would have been difficult to resist.