Saturday, April 26, 2008

Home Improvements

Today was spent trying to improve our lifestyle a bit. We have officially decided to stay in this apartment for another year (was considering a new teaching position), so I figured I had a right to make holes in the wall for signing a new year-long lease for the third time. ;)

Both my husband and I enjoy cooking. It can be frustrating in our small kitchen, but we're learning how to organize things in our favor. So today I put up our new spice rack.

Yes! We do use all those spices. :) It's our "active" spices. There's a handful more in the cupboard above the sink, but we haven't used them in a while and probably should throw them out.

We get our spices from three sources. One is our local grocery store, Fry's Food & Drug. The spices with an orange post-it taped on them are from Sprouts, a store in Tucson that offers spices in bulk. It's a great way to get exactly what you need, be 1 teaspoon or 1 cup of a spice. I found the perfect containers for them from Ikea. The spices that we use a lot are bought from Costco. Who can beat 100% pure vanilla for $5.99?! ;)

The rack was purchased at Lowes Home Improvement for $18. Best of all, there's room for some more spices. :D

There's no pictures... but we enjoyed a lovely meal of BBQ'ed shrimp and mushroom kabobs, some beef (can't remember the cut) and corn. It was my first time eating BBQ'ed corn and it tasted GREAT! We'll definitely be having more BBQ'ed corn on the cob in our future.

Next up... the table we bought from Ikea, and I still haven't put it together! It's becoming a mountain out of a molehill in my mind. At least I cleared out the area where we're gonna set up the table. That's a start, right? Right? :P



usmcwife2008 said...

I'd never thought of BBQing Corn on the Cob- that sounds like a great idea! I'll have to try that when DH & I move into our new place.

And I *know* how frustrating it is with a tiny apartment kitchen- in my current apartment kitchen there's barely enough room to swing a cat as the saying goes!

Anyhow- good luck with the table from Ikea, usually furniture from that famous Swedish megastore is actually amazingly easy to put together once you get started :)

Also, I noticed your favorite films are the Man From Snowy River series- I haven't seen Snow River/Return to Snowy River in *years*. Good stuff!

Anyhow hon, have a good weekend!

God Bless!

Bingo~Bonnie said...

hey there Leah, you will love that new rack - in our old home in GA I had two small closet panteries and my dad and I mounted them to the insides of both doors! I was amazed with how stong they were. I had some canned foods in mine. no sure exactly but mine could ahve been longer than the one you show - but handy all the same ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

PS - in GA I use to lease apartments... and holes in the walls from nails and screws are no big deal at all... yoru apt's painter crew cam make those walls look brand new!! it's the doorknob thru the walls or holes caused from roughhousing that will deduct form your deposit.

When you are ready to clean up to get the deposit back, the best place to spend your time is getting the oven clean and new stove burner pans and then clean the shower! ;)

Mary said...

Isn't it amazing how nice it is to have things in your kitchen right at hand? We have a lazy susan cabinet at the new townhouse that has my spices in it - a big improvement over the apartment. I did very little cooking over the 16 months we were there but plan to cook more now. I surprised Keith with dinner tonight and he was very appreciative!