Saturday, June 07, 2008

Yup, new project

I decided to go ahead and do galaxy stars, heat or no! :)

Here's a bunch of the strips that I'm about to subcut.

The directions said that I would need (85) 2" strips, I accidentally cut 90... and now I have more that 25 of them leftover! Yikes... that's pretty wonky math. So I double checked the background math, and it's pretty exact, go figure. The good news is that I have no doubt at all that I'll find a use for all those 2" strips. :)

Here's all the hand dyes cut up.

2" squares, 2"x3.5" and 2"x5" pieces. I accidentally cut too many 2" squares too... but again, I'll find a use for them. :) I'm doing the largest size listed (111x99), so that meant extra 2x3.5" pieces to cut.

Now I'm working on the black background fabric, but that doesn't photograph well. ;) What I'm really happy about is that the directions called for (14) 6.5" squares, but I actually got 18 squares out of the three strips I cut.

That adds up to 4 leftover squares, which is EXACTLY what I need to finish this snowball and 9-patch quilt that I frankly have no clue where it is right now. :P

In other exciting news, I got Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 installed! I bought it back in February with the Christmas gift card my brother gave me. Except I ran into a "minor" issue - I couldn't get my DVD Rom drive to open. :P (Don't blame my computer, it's an old geezer at 5 years old now).

So I would pathetically press on the button every few days, feel it whir and click, but nothing opened. Today I decided to give my drive a "lift" by slightly pressing the slot upwards, and it opened!! Finally. :D

And yes, today's pictures are edited (cropped and resize, I haven't figure how to manipulate color yet) and brought to you by Adobe Photoshop. ;)



deputyswife said...

I love those colors with the black. I keep saying I am going to make a quilt with those colors, but I never get around to it!

Hey, do you read The Pioneer Woman? She has a photoshop tutorial on her site. It is for the full Adobe Photoshop package, but you can still use a lot of her tricks with Elements.

Kim said...

I can't wait to see this quilt finished. I love black and colors but those quilts are the quilts the kitties like also :(

FabricMom said...

I always cut too many blocks. Thats why I have a ton of scraps. LOL. I can't wait to see some blocks.