Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Organizing my quilts in progress

I'm trying something new for my quilts in progress. Hopefully it'll prove to be a long term success!

Yesterday at Target, I picked up ten 6-quart Sterlite plastic boxes, marked down to $1 each. They stack up very nicely.

My idea is that any new quilt project I start, or any UFO I pick up, it goes into the box until it's a quilt top. I'm not going to round up all my UFOs. That'd just get too overwhelming. (And I'd need 50 more boxes, at least!) Instead, it's any project I work from here on.

The other thing I'm doing is sticking half of a 4x6 index card with the quilt name and the date I stuck it in the box. Then I know what the pieces are supposed to be for, and how long they've been sitting around.

The one on the left is a Disappearing 9-patch. The other one is a Crayon Box.

If I fill up all ten boxes, then I'm telling myself that I have no choice but to complete a quilt top before selecting another pattern. Think it'll work? ;)



Vicki W said...

I was thinking today about doing something similar with project that I want to do. You know, those flashes of brilliance where you think you should start a new project and pull out all of the stuff to do it......and then never start it! My UFO's are organized, now I need to organize my "not yet starteds"!

jillquilts said...

Ooooh, I'm gonna be watching you now to see how you do! I tell myself all the time - finish something to start something new. It doesn't work for me. gigle

Linda said...

What a great idea. Lucky you to have found those containers so cheap.

ruthieredneck said...

Oh, I love the colors you've picked out for the crayon box. YUMMY!

Kim said...

I think that will definitely work if you're committed to it. It's a great idea!

bingo~bonnie said...

LOL you'd need 50 more boxes for all the UFO's - you're not the only one!! LOL great find for a buck each. ;)