Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Quilt guild meeting

Today was my quilt guild's program meeting. I decided to do something I had never done yet - ride my bike to a specific destination. All my other rides have just been around the neighborhood. This morning I rode over to the church where the monthly meetings are held, just a bit over a mile from my apartment.

In my backpack was a bike lock cable, water, my purse, and this quilt below.

I think back in October or November, somebody paired up several small quilt tops with backing, batting and binding. They wanted quilters to take the ziplock baggie home and finish the quilts for charity. Since the guild strongly encourages everybody to do at least one charity quilt a year, I figured it was a perfect chance for me to cross that off for 2008.

It's just scrappy squares and bars for the top. I liked the backing and binding fabric so much that I kept them for myself and use the zany purple fabric from my stash. I also had the purple swirl fabric from the quilt top in my stash, so that replaced the binding.

One big excitement was the annual quilt guild challenge. I signed up this year (didn't for 2008), because the guidelines sound easier and I instantly had a great idea pop in my head. (Yup, that's a 3rd plastic box committed to another quilt project.)

They gave everybody who signed up a yardstick, a copy of the rules, and a baggie of leftover Christmas chocolate. :P Let's just say I probably looked quite noticeable with that yardstick sticking out of my backpack on my ride home! ;)

Here's the challenge rules - they change every year to whatever theme the challenge makers picked.

Now I'm hoping for some suggestions. My initials are "LS" The VERY first thing that popped into my mind was "Loves Scraps". But should I make a quilt with stars, and do "Loves Stars"... or does somebody else have a better idea for the LS initials? I'm planning to do this quilt with black and hand dyes - that almost seems to be my trademark. ;) Most likely a variety of blocks using all colors of hand dyed fabrics to create a scrappy look.

On the way home from the quilt guild meeting, about one-third of a mile from my apartment, my right bike pedal fell off! It only took me a few minutes of fiddling to clearly see there was no way I could fix it myself, no matter how determined I felt. I was pretty sure the screw was stripped or there was a missing nut. I walked the rest of the way home, and my husband and I went to the bike shop that afternoon. They said whoever put the bike together incorrectly installed the pedal. $42.66 and a couple hours later, my bike is ridable again.

Hopefully that'll be the last of my bike woes for a while! :)



paula, the quilter said...

In nicer weather (I'm in Colorado) I ride my bike to/from work. That's a 10 mile ride almost daily. Keep up the good work of riding. I think using the word 'scraps' in the title would leave a nice big opening for you to design around, don't you?

Marci said...

One day, I am going to make a quilt. :) I had people do squares for me (family and friends) and I have never put them together.