Monday, February 09, 2009

First Finish

Tada! First finished quilt for 2009.

A baby-sized quilt... but no babies in sight. (Sorry Dad!)

I do recall buying the fabric from a closing-down Hancock Fabrics right before my wedding in 2004.

I'm clean out of the stripe fabric now, only a string's worth left.

Hopefully I can get the "finished" ball rolling a little faster now. :)



Reality Bites Bitch! said...

m y friend loves fabric... do you sell what you make?

Reality Bites Bitch! said...

Thanks i'll pass it on to her

holly said...

congrats on a finish. It is very cute.

Jeanne said...

Cute quilt, Leah! I love both nine patches and stripes.

scrappy quilter said...

Heh Leah, love your quilt.

As to cutting batting on my cutting mat. When I did, it totally ruined my mat. All the pieces of the batting stuck to the mat. What type of batting do you use? I can't remember what type I was using at the time. I've never cut my batting that way since.

Good to see you!!

scrappy quilter said...

Leah, thanks for the comments. I have never seen a June Taylor mat so haven't a clue what it looks like or how it works with batting. I have an Olfa cutting mat and ruined it when I cut warm & natural batting on it. I never cut polyester on it because of that.