Monday, February 02, 2009

Stash Watch

It's always fun to look at other people's stashes, right? Take a peek at mine. :)

The reason why I'm posting it is because I seriously need to trim it down. It's not just because there's too much fabric or that I don't really have a handle on it... but because my husband and I are considering downgrading to a smaller apartment. We're thinking about living in a one-bedroom or studio apartment, and then renting a storage room if the combined will save us more than $100/month on our current rent.

There's not a lot of good news lately from my husband's job (public school teacher). First it was they're cutting some people from his department. Next they'll be doing a pay cut. The latest is that the whole school district lost about 25% of it's funding, and there will be 100 positions cut out, district-wide. We really have no idea where we stand at the moment. My husband's tenured, but even tenure status can't overcome the "we don't have money" problem.

How am I taking it? Surprisingly well! :) I think it helps that I've been through this ride before, when my dad found it necessary to leave his employment of 22 years. He started up his own company, and for a few years things were slim. No vacations, no eating out, small Christmases and birthdays. My parents persisted and now their company is comfortably successful. With that in mind, I feel like I can face pay cuts, downsizing and potential job loss and be stronger for it afterwards.

Which brings me back to my stash. I need it smaller so I won't need a storage room (and potentially saving us another $60 or so a month), smaller so there's less to move and more quilts to be enjoyed. My plan for February is to clear up the pile in front of the closet.

I would LOVE to be able to get all of my fabric to fit into the 6-cubes by the end of May. Delusional? Maybe. ;)



Mary said...

Good luck downsizing the stash by May. I always realize how LITTLE of my stash a quilt takes when I play in my strings and see no change after finishing a top.

I think you hit the nail head on, when you've had to tighten up your belt in the past, you realize there's a lot you can do without. Hopefully your husband's job will stay regardless of cuts they may make.

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

I feel your pain. My Husband works at a state funded nursing home for older, mentally impaired men. He is the activities director, but he makes up for a lot hands on staff that call off or quit without notice, which unfortunately happens a lot. We live on his income alone, so these are tumultuous times most definitely for us. They haven't cut any funding yet, but everyone is kind of walking on eggshells. We've been through this before, but it's no fun, no matter how many times you must endure it. Good luck to you & your stash reducing efforts. It sounds like it's going to pay off! :)

scrappy quilter said...

Oh no, I hope things turn out okay for you guys. As to the stash, I'm not sure you'll get it down to where you want to. Hope you can.