Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Somebody whack me please

Cause you know, it's not like I have enough of my own stash to bust... instead, at today's quilt guild meeting I picked up 2 charity projects. One is a baby quilt that needs to be quilted and bound. The other one is 80 blocks that need to be put together to become a twin top.

But it's kinda nice knowing exactly what needs to be done, instead of mentally drifting from project to project without tackling anything, like I've been doing for the past week.

I blame the antibiotics I had to take for my ear infection. They wiped me out and I was either napping or sleeping in just about every morning. Now that my ear is better and the antibiotics are out of my system, I'm feeling back to myself.

Today I have:

-Biked 4.5 miles to my guild meeting and to check out an apartment. That took all morning.
-Clean up most of the kitchen, which made my husband a lot happier.
-Slow roasted a whole chicken and made brown rice for dinner.
-Caught up on my blog reading!
-Spent some quality time with my sewing machine.
-Didn't sleep in or nap!

Yay for health. :)



cindyquiltsOR said...

Leah ... let's blame it on the meds. You weren't thinking clearly.

That is the story ... period.

Dana said...


What is the name of that quilt? It looks easy, I would like to find out more about it and file it away for quilts that I would like to make.

Thanks so much!!

Leah S said...

@Cindy, I like your thinking! ;)

@Dana, it's a half-snowball block. Snowball block. But instead of sewing a square on to all 4 corners, just sew them onto opposing corners.

In the blocks I'm working with, the big squares are 9", and the corners are made from 4" squares.

Dana said...

Thanks Leah, that is exactly what I was wanting to know!!!