Monday, March 23, 2009

Fabric source?

Wow, it's been an overwhelming week. Thankfully things are back on an upward swing and calming down.

Today was my quilting get together, and I figured I'd start cutting into this Honey Bun that I won from Shadywood Quilts several weeks ago. I'm going to do a Chinese Coin, with the off-white fabric for the plain rows.

I managed to cut up all the fabric while at my friend's house. On the way home I decided to swing by a quilt shop to pick up another yard of Moda's "Sweet" from Urban Chicks for the binding. I was in for a bit of surprise! The shop had seriously downsized, and largely carried Thimbleberries. Ok, off to the other quilt shop in my little town. Much bigger place, should have better luck, right? Nope! They didn't carry "Sweet" either.

And I'm really, really, really sure Walmart wouldn't have it either. ;) Now I'm out of quilt shops to check - the next closest one is about 80 miles away - it'd be $20 in gas for one yard! Which would make it like $30/yard. Yeouch!

So, can somebody direct me to an online shop with the cheapest shipping for 1 yard of fabric? Fat Quarter Shop wants $5 for shipping... is there anything cheaper out there? I would really think that one could ship a yard of fabric for less than $2 First Class.

Now I just have to find my sewing machine before I can start piecing. I did say something about the past week being overwhelming, right? :P



bingo~bonnie said...

Is this the fabric you need?

you may want to copy and past a photo of it into your post - and perhaps a reader will have a yard to spare or trade...? just an idea.

Not sure what state you are living in to cacualte your shipping on the link I listed...

Good luck - did you try looking on eBay also?

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Nichole said...

Jona from Fabritopia has great shipping prices. I got a yard from her once and believe I paid less than $3 for shipping. Plus, she has a sale right now and everything is 15% off. Try her, I highly recommend her having ordered there multiple times. Another plus is that she makes generous fabric cuts and sometimes includes extra scraps.

bingo~bonnie said...

I jsut found the above site that has an Etsy store and appears that they are new.. and offering a free FQ for each yard... so that may help offset any hsipping costs... check it out and ask if they have the fabric you need - they did list Sweet - but I'm not familar enough to know if that is the one... apparently there are several in the collection?

HOpe this helps.

julieQ said...

Hope you can find it!! I can't think of what to do with my honeybun fabrics...yours is so pretty!