Monday, March 16, 2009


Not much quilting going on recently. Instead, I've started the packing process.

All the fabric on the wire shelves are crammed into rubbermaid bins. I'm pretty sure I won't find time to use it all up before May. :) There's another bin waiting for the hand dyes to fill it up.

I'm also being pretty ruthless in my non-quilty packing, in small bites. I think I've gotten rid of as much stuff as I've packed. A towering pile of stuff to the thrift store, several bags trashed and gone.

And surprisingly, I've let go a lot of books recently. Enough to earn me over $90 in store credit at the local entertainment store. The rest went off to my library's bookstore.

Still have lots to go, but I've got a very happy husband cheering me on. :)


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