Monday, March 02, 2009

It's a HST!

It's elementary, my dear Watson... it's a half-square triangle for Judy's Quilt Along project!

Uh yeah, it's also a single HST, and Judy called for 192 of them. But she said she wouldn't count them!! ;) Actually, I just can't stand the idea of slaving in front of the iron any more. It got to over 80 degrees here, and we had to throw out our filtered water pitcher because it got a crack in the bottom. So I'm hot and dehydrated, but trying to fix both by drinking icy water.

It hasn't been a great day. A couple of my husband's identity numbers have been compromised. We got introduced to the world of credit freeze and replacing driver's license. Gotta keep my husband's credit score in good shape so we can buy a house someday.

Top of it all, my husband's grandmother was found passed out and in convulsions yesterday. Given that it got to over 90 degrees in her town, I'm willing to bet she's severely dehydrated. You can't live on alcohol alone, no matter how hard she tries!!

Well, this week can only get better from here. :)



Joyce said...

Leah, nice hst. I'd be happy to send you some of our cold weather. It was 8 degrees here this morning (Ohio). How did you discover the identity thing? Try to stay cool

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Unfortunately we've had a bout with identity theft also. A few years ago we started getting collections calls from a gas company in PA. We've never lived there, and when we bought our house we paid off every single bill we'd owed to keep our credit clean, so we knew it wasn't ours. It turned out that someone had stolen my Husband's social security number, and signed up for utilities in several cities in several states, and of course never paid for them. The charges were written off but it's still scary! My Dad even just recently had his credit cards cancelled, and re-issued because someone had goten ahold of the number and put it on one of those illegal websites where they sell cc#'s. The world is a crazy place!