Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Apartment hunting

After feeling discouraged about my husband's school problems, I lost the desire to work on finding us a cheaper place for a few weeks. But this week I found a renewed kick, and stopped by 10 apartments asking for their rates and floor plans.

The 9th apartment I stopped by was the one that really caught my husband's eye. I completely missed it in my weary state, but all utilities are paid! And their 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom is 100 square feet bigger than our current apartment, but would save us around $150-$200/month.

So we set up an appointment for a tour, and I'm quite pleased with the interior. Like, there's a kitchen window - I never had a kitchen window in any of my apartments.

They also offer gas stove (and water heater), which put my husband into big grins. Cooking with electric is a pain, and we go all crazy at my parents house with their 5-burner gas stove. They don't mind, it's kinda like having a chef for a few weeks. ;)

Something worth doing back flips over: a pantry!

I absolutely need a pantry. Currently I've turned our second bathroom into a storage room. It's very inefficient, but yay, don't have to clean that toilet. :P

The living room is nice and large, connects to a patio/balcony. If we were to get a 1 bedroom unit, my quilting would go into the living room.

We'd also wedge in our dining table, right about where I was standing in that picture.

And here's the really big bedroom! Full size closet (we have half size for our clothes right now), plenty of room for a bed and my husband's computer set up.

There's also a full sized bathroom and a linen closet. I don't have a linen closet right now, it just get stuffed into the bottom of our closet.

But... we're seriously considering getting a 2 bedroom apartment. Even with the extra cost, we'd still save $40-90/month to what we're currently paying. Plus, a 2 bedroom unit is more likely to become available than a 1 bedroom. And we can set the AC to any temp we want. We HAVE to do 82 here, or else our electric bill will be over $200. Oh yeah, the 2 bedroom is 300 more square feet than what we have right now.

There was some concern about the neighborhood, but after asking around a bit and talking to a few people, it sounds just as safe as where I am now. Probably helps that it's less than a mile away from the town's police station. ;)

That's what I've been up to! The move won't happen until late May or so... but the packing begins NOW! :)



Joyce said...

Congratulations on the apartment hunting. Another plus to the two bedroom would have a sewing room! Good luck hope the move goes smoothly

Norma said...

Good luck!

Dana said...

Good luck with the move!!

Nanci said...

This looks like such a nice apartment; I hope it all works out for you.

Jackie said...

Good luck with the apartment hunting! We're moving my mother in law next weekend to a new place that includes utilities to save her money. She's getting a bit more space too and looking forward to someplace new.