Thursday, April 23, 2009


We've been getting some good news this week! But first I want to show off my garden. ;)

The first box is the edibles - sunflowers, sweet pea and corn are all growing nicely. I'm using some EarthBoxes that my grandfather gave me last summer. My plants are doing much better!!

The second box is my herb box. I bought the rosemary and oregano late summer last year and they survived the winter. My basil in the right top corner didn't.

Then from seed this year, I have cilantro, chives (good luck seeing those!) and parsley. I hope to replace the basil sooner or later - I did make pesto several times.

Some other good news is that my husband received his contract for the next school year!! This is a huge deal to us because usually they make us wait until the middle or end of May. The other reason is because they HAD to let two people go. One was transferred to the science department, and the other is depending whether or not they pass some testing? I'm not too clear... all I know it's not my husband!!!! :)

Now we just need confirmation that the apartment is ours, and we're set. We'll be checking again tomorrow.



Laurie said...

Leah, your garden has gotten a nice start! I'm grateful that your husband received his contract for the next school year! Great news!

Sheila said...

Wow, that's a great start already. What an advantage in CA, huh? I'd never heard of Earth Boxes, but enjoyed reading about them online. Excited to see how it goes for you. Doesn't oregano spread?

Sheila said...

Oops... congrats for your hubby too! I can't imagine that emotional torture every year.

Chrissie said...

Wonderful news! So happy for you! :) I love your little always did have a garden! :) I have two lone corns growing...I think Sparky got a few of them! :)lol you are right about Paul and I....22 years now, and still strong!
love ya!

Rosaline said...

Great news about your husband. And I hope you get the apartment you picked out.

Nanci said...

We've had our earthboxes for about four years, and we LOVE them. We get a really good yield for the small amount of space.

The wonderful thing about YOUR earthboxes is that you can take your garden with you when you move to your new apartment.

homeschoolmom4 said...

Your garden is looking great! :) I've never had much luck with herbs. hmmmm
Congrats for hubby! I'm anxious to hear about the apartment.

ForestJane said...

I'm glad the employment thing is behind you... what a relief that must be!

And the garden looks great - how big is that box you have them planted in? I'm trying snow peas in window boxes this year, and I'm nervous about them not having enough room for the roots. ;)

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Oh your plants look so healthy and wonderful. So nice Leah! I love plants! LOL*

Congrats for Hubby!!! I bet that is such a relief. I can only imagine the stress of just not knowing. I think it's crazy they make you wait until so late in the year?! So glad for you though that it turned out in your favor! :)

Lynn said...

Love your gardens! I am going to come up with something new this year too! Good luck with the move!