Saturday, June 20, 2009

A long time ago... a galaxy rather near here, I used to have a small assortment of quilting items. :)

These pictures were taken in October 2003. I had 5 quilting books.

The top right one is still in my mom's possession. She did buy it after all, and watercolor quilts just aren't my thing.

I had about 30-40 yards of fabric total. I look at that pile and can only think "not enough background fabrics!!"

My tastes have certainly evolved over the years. I fell out of love with bigger prints and now enjoy tone-on-tone fabrics.

Funny how I can dye over a hundred yards of fabric in a week with my mom and still lament over not having the right shade I need! :P



Shasta said...

What a great time capsule! I was the same way. The funny thing is, with that scrap quilt book, you could have made enough quilts to last a life time and not need any other book.

ruthieredneck said...

Love the blast from the past. You don't have the right shade? Are you nuts? LOL

Keep posting. I love reading about your quilting life!

Morah said...

I am ALWAYS amazed, when I look at my massive stash, that I don't have the color I need! It is amazing isn't it.