Monday, December 28, 2009

Never tire of snow!

A week ago I awoke, put my contacts on and turned on the computer. There was some ladies talking about snow on a forum, and I was about to write a pouting reply (because I want snow!), and I took a peek out the window to see if it was still windy... and I saw snow!!!

Let me just say it's a very good thing the baby isn't born yet, my squealing would have woken it up for sure. :P

I tromped all around the apartment complex with my camera, snapping shots of whatever made my heart sing.

The snow is gone now, but lucky me, I can still look up to the mountains for some white.

Since Chris had an early doctor's appointment that morning, I decided it would be a nice treat for him if I cleared off his truck.

When he came out to leave, I rewarded him with two snowballs from the powder on the hood. :D Of course, I missed him by several feet! I don't have a lot of practice throwing snowballs...

Anybody care to send me some more snow? I've got plenty of quilts and cider to stay warm. :)



Winona said...

Oh Goodness, Leah, if only I could! LOL We got 11 inches a couple of weeks ago from a blizzard. Got another 14 inches from the Christmas blizzard. Haven't even had our family Christmas yet. Plan to do that on New Year's. Lets just say, I am so done with snow this year. LOL Glad you got a little bit of snow. Winona

ruthieredneck said...

Enjoy your snow! We've had our 2 snowstorms already this year as well. Maybe some more tongight and tomorrow...Plenty of hot tea to keep us warm!

Laura said...

How cool, Leah! No snow up here in Phoenix, but I've seen plenty in my lifetime having spent the first 20 years of my life in North Dakota, which got buried this past weekend.

Laura in AZ