Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm not panicking!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm not panicking at all over Christmas this year. Ok, yeah, I totally missed the boat with my side of the family and I'm just going to have to deal with it in 2010. Hey, they got Christmas on time last year for them. ;)

We had another midwife visit last Wednesday, and it's all good. Baby's heartbeat was 153, my blood pressure was 113/78. No weight gain! That one made me happy. :) And I'm not really showing yet. Yes, I'm 17 weeks and 1 day in picture.

The baby is still hanging below my belly button right now. My upper tummy is a lot of mushy parts and flab, my lower is almost rock hard. I can't go very far when I poke down there. The baby won't listen to me though, I keep telling it to stay off of my bladder!

Lots of sewing going on... and I told myself I wouldn't put that kind of pressure on me this year! Well, I didn't know people were going to be having babies left and right in the family. :)

Pillowcase for my... step-niece? Does that term exist? I'll buy a pillow for it and it'll be a nice fluffy gift to wrap.

Then I made two more pillowcases for our bed, to give to Chris. I had two sets of fabric that would work for the pillowcases, so I asked Chris which he liked better... and he was like "well, this one is more Christmas like. Is that what you want the baby quilt to be?" I pretended to ponder on it for a moment while I got my face under control. :P Then I told him babies aside, which pair does he like better?

Oh yeah... you can see a bit of my tummy at the bottom of the picture. Guess I'm showing a little more that I realized? I haven't needed to put any of the maternity clothes I have to work. Yet. ;)

Merry Christmas!



cozythyme said...

Hi! Nice job on the pillow cases. Did you use cotton material? Nancy

Leah S said...

Nancy, I sure did. I used Mary's pillowcase tutorial:

Chrissie said...

Hurray, Sweetheart! you sure look beautiful! hugs!

Calico Prairie said...

You look simply radiant, Leah!

Melzie said...

LOVE the belly pic ::hi baby!::
glad your feeling good Leah :)
xoxo melzie