Thursday, January 07, 2010

Half way there

Today marks 20 weeks exactly, half way done. :)

I was thrilled that I made it to 2010 in normal clothes (non-stretch jeans), but on January 3rd, I caved and switched to maternity bottoms. I'm so glad my mom bought me a few back in October, I'm having a hard time finding stuff that works!

I tried on a pair of jeans I found at the thrift store - they were long! Everything about them was good, except they were really snug in the knees. I never had that issue before. When I got home, I asked Chris "are my knees fat?" Poor guy, he didn't know what to think or say. ;)

The funny thing is that I've only gained half an inch. Before getting pregnant, my waist was 41", then as soon as morning sickness hit, I puffed to 43" and didn't budge for the longest time. Yesterday I measured 43.5". I think it's a combination of losing some back fat at the same time I'm putting it on the front. Problem is my normal clothes don't want to conform to the shape change! :P

How are things going? Pretty good. I've got a midwife appointment next week - I'm sure it'll be rather routine, but she wanted to see a bit of belly showing this time. I've only gained 2 pounds over the holidays, and still 13 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight. Hopefully breastfeeding will be kind to my body also. :)

The baby is kicking up a storm these days - thankfully during the DAY. I'm not woken up with little jabs in the middle of the night. Haven't had any luck in getting Chris to feel movements yet (apparently his hands have a calming effect), but we're sure it'll happen in a good time. And we've gotten nowhere on names. Well, he's really good at eliminating stuff. :D

No more baby stuff purchased since that box of wipes. I keep telling myself that I'll hit garage sales as the weather warms up. Maybe I'm just waiting for it all to rain down from the sky. ;)



bingo~bonnie said...

I don't remember if I already told you Congratulations or not.... but if not - Congrats! :) You are looking fantastic!!!

about buying those wipes... you should go ahead and get on the mailing list for Huggies and Pampers... and start getting the coupons as well as asking family to clip them for you when they see them and begin buying and stocking up on those using a coupon everytime they go on sale -b/c you will use a LOT of them over the next 2+ years. Diapers are harder to stock up on, until you know if the baby will be allergic to any brands... thankfully none of mine were allergic.

Keep posting the photos - you will be amazed at how much your body is gonna change these next 20 weeks!!! Especially the last 4!!!!!!!!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Kim said...

The halfway mark is a comfy place to be or at least that's how I remember this, lol. You look cute in your outfit. Buying maternity clothes and newborn clothes at the thrift and garage sales is a very good idea. Such a short time these things are used. Enjoy all the changes ahead and congratulations BTW. :-)

QuiltingFitzy said...


Sorry, I've been MIA, but you have WONDERFUL news I see!!

Congrats to you and your husband!


Diane said...

Congratulations about the baby. It's exciting and scary to take home a little bub. Enjoy this phase of your pregnancy.
Send out hints to your rello's about what you like, don't like and always remember that the shops don't shut when your baby is born! There are always lovely things coming along.
I particularly enjoyed your pineapple quilt. The colours are lovely. I am building up my courage to really have a go at quilting properly. I've had a couple of goes but leave too much time between to gain confidence so I'm hoping to practice nearly everyday. I have quite a few flimsies to finish. And my hubby is just making me a table to sit the machine in to make it easier. No more excuses for me huh! Cheers Diane in Australia

gamawinkie said...

Cleaning your room has inspired me to do the same. Congrats on the little one!
Renea in Chattanooga

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2 ... Now 3) said...

Yes congrats to you!
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