Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not gestational diabetes!

The good news, I don't have gestational diabetes. I didn't think so with my blood sugar readings... but why did I get such a high number at the midwife's? Turns out that I was the first of 3 people to get unusually high readings, then she realized she needed to recalibrate her meter. I'm glad it's just a minor error, and not something actually wrong with ME. :)

But it did ramp up eating better in our household. Like pie for dinner. ;) That would be turkey pot pie, loaded with veggies.

Another night we had chicken corn chowder. Made with heavy cream, yum!

I'm not trying to do low fat at this point, I'm still one pound short of reaching my pre-pregnancy weight. I've only gained 17 of the 18 pounds I lost in the first trimester.

What to do with the leftover cream? Whip it up and add fruit, like blueberries.

It takes care of my cravings for sweets, without giving me a potential blood sugar spike from flour or sugar.

And sometimes we're just not feeling in the mood to do "real cooking" from scratch, and meals like this one get thrown together.

It's brown rice with some apple chicken sausage. Plus my water with liquid chlorophyll. I gotta take 2 tablespoons of that stuff everyday. It doesn't taste bad, but it stains my lips and teeth dark green. I love green... but not that much!

It feels good to know that I'm back on track with having a healthy pregnancy. :)



Melzie said...

That is awesome news indeed! I love hearing your updates, how far along are you now? I bet baby is moving a lot, that is the neatest feeling you'll ever have :) Enjoy every moment!
xoxo melzie

Winona said...

Leah, I am so happy to hear that you do not have gestational diabetes. Looks like you are eating some good things. Winona