Saturday, April 03, 2010


Now that I'm 7 months pregnant, I'm getting stretched in new ways! My poor belly button looks like a frown (but it's not an outie). Now I'm developing an assortment of red claw marks on my lower tummy. Thankfully when the first one popped up, Chris just kissed it and told me he likes me anyhow. Since then, I just remind myself that guys like what's above and below the belly more! :D

Just about every day you'll hear me saying "oof!" because I forgot to make mental allowances for the growing belly. :P

Oof - I shut the fridge door on my belly again.

Oof - I was bending or squatting to reach something and hit my own personal roadblock. I've made Chris get stuff in the back bottom shelf or at the bottom of the chest freezer.

Oof - I couldn't get the regular restroom door to close easily at the gym. I just use the handicap stall now.

Oof - Chris was demonstrating something with his hands and whacked my tummy. This had us laughing pretty hard. :)

Oof - I was trying to get a little closer to the ironing board tonight and all I did was rock it. Good thing I was holding the iron, I'm not in the mood to deal with replacing it. :P

Hopefully I'll lose the stretch marks after the baby is born. I got some on my lower tummy when I was 20 pounds heavier, but once I lost the weight, they disappeared. Not that it matters, I'm not a bikini gal. ;)



Chrissie said...

oh, my! looks like you're getting closer! :) Use liquid vitamin E, and see if those marks diminish! love ya lots, kiddo! :)

Winona said...

Oh Leah, you crack me up. LOL When I first clicked on your blog from my dashboard, I thought you were showing a picture of an Easter egg. LOL I carried 5 babies. My stretch marks have stretch marks. LOL Have a good day, my dear. Winona

gamawinkie said...

Seeing your picture made me laugh! Thanks for sharing. I know you can't wait for the little one to arrive.

I agree with Winona about the stretch marks. Just think of them as "something special" about yourself!

Fabric Mom said...

You are so funny. Thanks for the great chuckle. Oh and remember now your belly makes the entrance before you do. LOL. Can't wait to see the little punkin'. Good luck.