Thursday, April 22, 2010

35 Weeks

Today I'm 35 weeks and I figured I was a bit overdue for a baby update. I don't know why I'm so bad about tummy shots, I don't feel awkward taking them. I didn't even have to look up the camera's manual to figure out the timer this time. :)

And ohh yeah, I can see some swelling in my face! I don't see it so much in the mirror. It's mostly my feet that swell and bug me, but it's not random swelling, it comes from certain stuff. Getting on the floor to pin a quilt? Major swelling. :P

Since I was on the patio, I figured I'd grab some shots of my EarthBoxes.

I took the easy way out this year and bought flowers from Lowes. $4 for a dozen and in my third trimester? Totally worth it. Hopefully the purple ones will revive soon.

My herb box is doing well. I didn't expect the parsley and chives to pop up this year, since they struggled to thrive last year. If you can call 3 blades of chives "popping up". :P

We mostly use the rosemary in our cooking, but I think I'm gonna have to nudge Chris to come up with a meal that uses oregano, it's certainly sprouting well right now. The lemon thyme is a new addition and half of it died off... I hope the roots are establishing themselves now.

Can somebody nudge me? Nothing is getting done around here without nudges. This post is a result of my mom "nudging" me by mentioning how much she liked seeing my tummy in my last post. :)



Mama Koch said...

you look good!

Deputy's Wife said...

Leah-you look beautiful! Enjoy this time, it is wonderful getting ready for a new baby. So exciting!!! In a few short weeks we will be seeing cute baby pictures!

gamawinkie said...

Leah, a mommy to be is a beauty! Thanks for sharing the flowers and herb garden. Makes me want to get started!

Take care of yourself. Keep the belly shots coming!

Diane said...

I love my earthbox. This is the first time I have actually grown something besides weeds. Mine has a "shower cap" type cover, did you just choose not to use it?
BTW you look great! It won't be long now.

Leah S said...

@Diane, I had the shower cap cover on at first, but it just proved to be more annoying than anything. Plus, I think some weird mold was starting to thrive under the cover. I get very few weeds as it is, it's no big deal to pull them out a couple times a year. Without the cover, I'm able let them self-water when the monsoon comes. :)

Melzie said...

You know what's annoying? When people say "Oh my this pregnancy has flown by hasn't it?" BUT on my end YOURS has surely flown by ;) You look marvelous! Glad you posted! xoxo mel