Saturday, April 17, 2010

"It's interesting"

Earlier this week I stumbled upon Oh Fransson's Crazy 9-patch Lattice quilt. For whatever reason, I felt an urge to make it. I decided to use not-so-well-loved pieces of hand dyed fabrics. If you put enough uglies together, it'll become beautiful, right? :D

There's a tip about pressing the seams open - do it!! At least for the first two seams, or else you'll find yourself trying to cut through 27 layers of fabric at once.

Right after I finished piecing the top together, I had this much thread left on my spool. Cutting it close! (And yes, that's my tummy getting in the way. It's also a handy thread-catcher.)

I thought that was my last Silver spool - that's how I know when I "need" to make an order to Connecting Threads, when I'm out of Silver thread, as I use that for all my piecing. Well, I found another half-used spool, so I'm good for a while. Good thing too, because we've got too many expenses going on right now. Can you tell that I just sent a big ol' check to the Arizona Department of Revenue? I could have bought 150 Essential Thread spools! :P

Here's the top itself. Yup, "it's interesting," just like Chris said. It's certainly not the normal quilt pattern I put forth from my sewing machine.

I kinda wish I had selected an more orange fabric, but I don't have too many of those dyed. And the oranges I do have weren't "ugly" enough for what I had in mind.

And what do you know, it's possible to pin a quilt at 34 weeks pregnant! :) I did have to get a little creative by straddling a pillow to give myself an extra boost. I could only do one row of blocks at a time, can't lean more forward. It took about 30 minutes of actual pinning time for this quilt.

Currently the baby is head's down, in a posterior position. I really want the baby in the anterior position so I can avoid back labor! I recently read that some ladies have good luck getting the baby to spin by spending time on their hands and knees every day. Guess I better pin a quilt every day.

Chris's comment on the backing of the quilt, "it's different." But you'll have to wait until I quilt it to see. :)



Molly said...

I really like this quilt--nice job choosing the fabrics, too! I like it so much that it's going on my 'quilts to make' list. Thanks for sharing.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I love this's not ugly in the slightest!! Black with hand-dyes are always a great combination!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

LOL!!! How cute to see your tummy peeking out there. Nice quilt, nice tummy.