Saturday, May 15, 2010

Daisy Star top done

I finished the Daisy Star top tonight! I'm definitely getting more comfortable with my new machine. The only thing I "miss" is the heel tap option on the foot pedal. I found myself jamming my heel down a couple of times trying to get the needle up or down before I remember it doesn't do that.

My tummy doesn't get in the way of cutting or ironing. I am probably taking an extra step backwards these days. And I'm pretty sure that the baby dropped! It's butt has been consistently 3" lower for the past few days. No more jabs to my ribs either. :)

The quilt ended up being bigger than I realized. Somehow I was mentally thinking "lap quilt", but "short twin" would be closer. I couldn't believe how well the borders worked out! I'm a bad girl, and I never measure my borders, or pin them. Just wing it and hope for the best. ;)

I highly doubt this one will be quilted any time soon. I just need to make sure that I cut some of the purple for the binding when I fold it away.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle sandwiching quilts until after the baby is born. :( My feet keep swelling all time. I just know going on my hands and knees for an hour will balloon my feet to unbelievable proportions. It gets kinda ugly as it is when I sew too long. Never had cankles before. :P



gamawinkie said...

Leah, pretty top and good work! The baby does look like he/she has dropped! Cankles- love that word.

Winona said...

Leah, Daisy Star looks great. I finished mine last night too. I need to do a post on my blog to show it. I even had Kevin hold it up so I could take a picture. You are right. It is big, at least bigger than what I usually make. (grin) Mine will will be hand quilted, so it joins my stash of flimsies. LOL Have a great day. Winona

cindyquiltsOR said...

Wellllllllllll ... what I know is: getting on my hands and knees then rocking back and forth: put me into labor/delivery mode with last daughter.

Love the corner of the quilt.

Best Wishes!

Fabric Mom said...

Once you have that baby all your gonna want to do with any small amount of relax time that you have is sleep. I didn't quilt for months and months after I had Andrew.