Monday, November 07, 2011

Last finish

The last time I finished a quilt... June! It's Bonnie Hunter's Crayon Box, made with hand dyed fabrics and a colorful batik.

Freshly washed and ready to mail off to my friend. I offered to make her a quilt almost 3 years ago, of her own choice. She quickly claimed this top, but it'd be another 2.5 years before it actually arrived at her house! :P

My cute little helper. :) All quilts need an adjustment and tugging, right?



Dana said...

Hi Leah!! Its great to see you blogging again!!

What a colorful quilt!!!


Anonymous said...

Very nice job on the quilt, Leah, I love those bright colors!

Your quilt helper is adorable.


Fabric Mom said...

The quilt is beautiful. And what a cute little helper.

Valerie said...

Beautiful as always Leah ;) I have struggled a bit lately about my quilting. I think 30 is a hard age to hit!!! I had a quilt disaster recently and stopped for a bit. I love it though. I can't stop, I'm addicted to my quilts! ;) I'm so glad to see one of your beautiful creations again. It makes me happy to see your little onE at your feet and a quilt in your hands!