Thursday, February 16, 2006

Aftermath of V-day

I had a pretty nice Valentine's day, even though we didn't do anything! :) Well, my husband came home, gave me my hug and kiss as usual and said "Happy Valentine's Day!" *giggle* That's it, that's all. :D

This is how we wanted it. I don't want to spend any money right now because of the tax thing and I already asked for a Valentine's "gift" of my husband taking me to Tombstone some time this month. At the Tombstone art gallery, they're having a month-long quilt display. Many of them are also for sale. I just like being around quilts and getting inspired. :)

Well, I did experiment with making pizza dough on Tuesday. Hence, the lopsided crust. :)

But instead of tomato sauce, I used BBQ sauce. Then chicken, then cheese. It looks burnt, but it was actually pretty good! We'll have to make it again, but with tomato sauce. My favorite kind of pizza is ham and pineapple. Yum!! :)

I free-motioned the entire Girly Bear's Paw quilt yesterday. I love free-motion quilting! I only wish I had more table space, I had a few tight spots that gave my arms a good work out. :)

I tried to give the toe points "claws". They're imperfect... but so are real bear's claws! :) And I started to put the binding together, except I must have been too tired for my own good and I sewed the same strip's ends together! :P Pick that out, try again. Well, on the second take, I managed to sew two seperate strips together... except I sewed the diagonal wrong! So instead of being one long strip, they're still stuck at a right angle that won't open. D'oh! I gave up there and went to bed. :)

I'm trying to get myself to promise that I'll have the spiral binding tutorial by Saturday. Hrmm. Should be possible, since my husband has to do some in-service thingie at school. Another weekend messed up for him :( Last weekend it was a dance that he had to help set up and take down. I just wish he could get extra pay for all these events... teacher's aren't paid enough as it is!

I'm off to work on the binding, and keep an eye on the bread that's rising. I just hope the painters hurry up and finish out there, cuz they taped all our windows off and it's really dark and gloomy and hot cuz we can't open the window. Yes, I know, it's Feb-ru-ary... we had the air conditioner on the other night. :P



Dorothy said...

Your Bear Paw and your pizza both look scrumptious! I use sourdough for my pizza crust - chewy, tangy - I love cust best of all. And the bbq/chicken combo? MmmmMMMmmmmm!

I'm going to have to read back to find the rest of the story about that purple pink Bear Paw - it's VERY pretty (what I can see of it) and the quilting looks great!

Dawn said...

Oh baby there is nothing like homemade pizza. I love homemade pizza! mmm I'm drooling just thinking about it! But I guess I'm kind of boring. I like just cheese, sausage, onions and green pepper - although my husband like to sneak lots of garlic on it too!

quiltpixie said...

its such a good idea to know when to stop.... I often know, but I'm not so good at listening to myself :-)

Finn said...

Oh Leah, your free form quilting looks just awesome! You could quilt for me anytime!! And what a neat idea to experiment with the pizza sauce..some times I think we get so stuck in a rut with our approach to things like that..good for you. Even if it wasn't a favorite, what a grand effort!! Love your girly bear paw..*VBS*

CheleLew said...

I really like your girly Bears Paw quilt. I really, really like the free motion quilting you did. The accenting of the paws was cool.Great directions on the scrappy binding. Definitely am giong to try that soon.

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