Saturday, March 25, 2006

How to be popular with quilters

How to be popular with quilters: bring a new toy/gadget/item that makes the quilting life even a little bit easier. :)

My example: The WonderCut Ruler - I brought it with me to the guild's quilting bee week and began to churn out perfect 3.5" unfinished HSTs. Somebody comes along... "what are you doing?" I explain. Then she brings a friend to show the ruler. Then comes along another friend. And then two more people are wondering why we're all gathering at my table. And I swear, I explained over a dozen times how it worked - I didn't mind! :) Seems like nobody had heard of it before, but I think several people already ordered a ruler for themselves!

And really, it's a great tool! I now have over 700 HSTs ready to be put in blocks.

This is going to be a quilt for my husband. I laid out 4 different block patterns and made him choose which he liked the best. Only, he doesn't know that it's for him yet! I'm hoping I can keep it a secret until his birthday in May. :)

It's a variation of the Depression block. Well, it is the Depression block, only more color controlled. Gotta make it manly. ;)

Yes... I'm supposed to have a tutorial for the Day and Night stars... but I haven't gotten to it yet. :P I'm hoping today, cuz I'm done with prepping the HSTs (ironing and snipping dog ears). Plus, it's been a busy week.

Monday was back to school for DH. Hard to get back to school at 5:45am when you've been sleeping until 10am on Spring Break. :)

Tuesday I had a "girly" doctor's appointment - was really happy to hear that my blood pressure is 104/66. Yeah! We all know that quilting is soooooooo stressful. ;) Also swung by JoAnn Fabrics to buy a bolt of Kona Black, but they were clean out! And it wasn't even on sale. And no white either. Which would have been good for dyeing fabric. Yeah, I actually walked out of the store empty-handed. Do I get a gold medal? ;)

Wednesday was guild meeting day. I'm sorry to say, but I'm not a morning person. Getting there at 9:30 and spending 1.5 hours cutting just wipes me out and my husband finds me sound asleep when he comes home.

Thursday I headed over to a quilter's house to pick up some of the Block of the Months I missed. I was expecting it to be a quick 15 minute stop'n'go. *ahem* An hour and 15 minutes later I was outta there. Her best friend was there also, and they invited me to their quilting group that meets on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. Of course I'd love to join them! I find that I tend to be more continueous in my quilting when others around me are doing the same. *grin* After living here for over 1.5 years, I'm finally getting a social life! :P

Friday was shopping day (dang, the store was really crowded) and I made pizza for dinner. I really like how my half turned out this time. Just the right amount of cheese. Also some more work on the HSTs.

Saturday... today I made some more bread. Instead of butter/honey or peanut butter, I put on cream cheese "Garlic and Herbs" and oh man, it tastes soooooooo good! *blush* I might have eaten 4 slices in a row. DH was wondering if we should bother making dinner. :P

Sunday will be church and laundry. Then on a "date" to the park. I enjoy sitting and chatting with my husband. I hope it's not too hot though. I'm already missing the snow and cool weather from last week!!! Waaaaah. In fact it's already hit 76 degrees today. Hot! Yes, I'm a wimp. I love my cold weather. :)



Tina said...

Leah, you have been busy this week, enjoy the time you spend with your sweet hubby and I know how you feel I love cool weather also.....Hugs Tina

Dawn said...

OK, so now your going to make me go out and get that ruler!!! I always love gadgets. So is it really easy to do? Sometimes these rulers make is sound easy but it really is more work to use them than just doing it the old way.

DubiQuilts said...

I may have to get that ruler too. Hubby will love the quilt. I like the colors