Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Design wall and details

Yay! Design wall is mostly up. I ran out of wall tacks, so there's a little Warm and Natural batting that's not hung yet... but it's mostly there!

Last night I had the idea to have "His'n'Hers" quilts. I've mentioned before that I'm working on a quilt for my husband and I figured I might as well turn my Scrappy Spools into a quilt for me. :) Both have 12" finished blocks and I'm planning to make 35 blocks for a 5x7 block setting. It should measure 60"x84" when pieced. Think I can get it finished this year? ;)

We turned in the keys to the old apartment today - I happily say goodbye! I spent over 4 hours grand cleaning the place... bleh! My husband said that we're not leaving our current apartment until we either move out of town or buy a house. Works for me! My arms groan every time I pick up something heavy. :P

We also went to a Hearing Center in town yesterday. My left hearing aid started making some weird sound - like a stuck horn on Monday. I'm afraid I broke down with my hearing aid. I just couldn't stop crying - looking back I realize that I unconsciously think of myself as a "disadvantaged hearing person". I've learned to work with my disability, so I generally don't feel out of place in the hearing world. Well, being without either hearing aids working properly... yikes. Meltdown moment there.

I just have never been placed in that situation, where BOTH hearing aids weren't working. I felt very afraid actually being DEAF. I was having no means of being able to hear and making it very frustrating trying to communicate (lip readers only actually pick up about 30% of what's being mouth and do lots of fill-in-the-blanks). I kinda felt like I was waking up blind. When I don't wear my hearing aids, it's my choice, but I always know that I CAN put them on and hear when I need to. Well, that was taken away from me on Monday.

The big culprit is heat and sweat. Moving produces a lot of sweat - but I was extremely careful not to wear them when doing loading/unloading. I did get a piece changed on my hearing aids, so hopefully that'll help some. But from now on, any time I'm doing to do something that might produce a little sheen... off they go! I'm dreading the monsoon season too - total humidity. :(

Sarah asked how I did the picture conversion in EQ5.
-Open EQ5, pull up or design the quilt you want
-On the left side there's a camera. Click on it, highlight the part of the quilt you want to convert as a jpg
-A screen will pop up (asking you what you want to do), click on the bitmap option and save
-Open up your regular photo editing program and just "Save As" as a jpg.

If there's another method... would love to hear it too. But this one works pretty good for me and I like how you could just select half of the quilt or even one block if that's all you need.

Still haven't gone to Home Depot for some PVC pipe yet - so nothing to report there. I did sew a little today, trying out some new blocks... but that's for another post! :)



computerpeach said...

How I do my picture conversion:

I open up my EQ, show the block or quilt I want and hit the "prtsc" button. It copies the screen to the windows clipboard. I then open my favorite photo program (PSP-X) and the select "paste". I then crop as necissary and then save as a JPG. I have not tried it the other way, so can't comment on if it is easier either way.

dot said...

Good looking blocks. I just love your color choices. Keep us posted on the progress.

Serena said...

Wonderful progress on your sewing room!! I love the block combinations that are on your design wall!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the explanation of how to save a quilt as a jpg. I'll have to try it!


Laurie Ann said...

I like the idea of having his and her quilts. Both of them are looking so good on your new design wall. I am so glad that your hearing aids are back in tip top shape!!

Dawn said...

Sorry to hear about the meltdown - we all have been there over something. Days will get better now I"m sure.

I LOVE your hers and his quilts idea and I had forgotten aobout your spools quilt - I has LOVED those scrappy spools - work on that one, work on that one! It might inspire me to make one!!!!!

computerpeach said...


I tried your way and it is about the same amount of work. I then started to combine your directions with my directions and here is what I came up with - kindof the best of both worlds... :)

First, take click the camera icon and select what your wanting to do, and then click the "save to clipboard". Open your photo editing program and then paste into that. Then you just save as jpg from there. Hope that makes sense.

BTW - thank you for posting my blog in your list :D