Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sewing away!

I'm absolutely loving my quilting room! I'm sewing so much more... and I'm also starting new stuff. Just playing around! :)

Here's one Strip Twist block. They're bigger than I expected - should be about 15" finished. Hrmm. Looking at it, it seems to be a little off... oh. I figured it out, the center doesn't have a half-pinwheel like Bonnie's does - but I just turned some blocks wrong. (Yeah, I had to play around on the design wall to figure out... I love that little wall!)

Next two pictures are from using Keryn's Good Value Strips. I think it's a pretty cool pattern and makes great scrappies!

Mirror imagine blocks below.

And these are the other blocks - I just love how there's no repeats! It kinda looks like an odd version of the Depression block.

I've already "dumped" that project to sew a bunch of rail blocks together for a charity quilt. That's whipping up fast - very scrappy too.

Secondly, I've ironed and prepared squares and triangles to continue my latest Leaders and Enders project.

And I've also done the math to figure out how much more 4-patches and HSTs I need to finish my Scrappy Spools quilt - now just gotta find suitable stuff in the closet... cuz who wants to organize fabric when they could be sewing? ;)



anne bebbington said...

Leah for getting yourself up and running so quickly - I'm sure when we moved house last September it was several weeks before I could even locate my machine let alone my stash - the scrappy arrangements look great

anne bebbington said...

Sorry that should read good for you for getting yourself up and running :o)

estee said...

Your project with the leads and enders looks great. I saw this at Quiltville and I really want to make a quilt with that pattern. I just set up my sewing room and that really gives me an incentive to finish all my UFO's.

Dawn said...

Oh how fun! What a great treat your new sewing room is! Now we get to see even more cool projects!

dot said...

You have been sew busy. Thanks for sharing all your accomplishments with us.