Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Shhh... I'm supposed to be packing!

My husband is off to the graduation rehearsal (they call out every. single. graduate's. name!) and I'm supposed to be packing up the kitchen as best as I can.

But let's talk about my newly accquired skill! Somebody on a Yahoo group gave quick instructions how to switch an EQ5 project to a JPG picture. I opened up EQ5 to see if it was really that easy... and it is!

This is a quilt I want to make with a bunch of HSTs I have. I still need to trim them up since I started working on them BEFORE I got my WonderCut Ruler. Hopefully my proper height cutting table will encourage me to tackle projects in the waiting..

Speaking of cutting table... I'm gonna go ahead an get some PVC pipe and stick them up the legs. Now you have to realize that my husband has no handyman talents at all - it's all on me! (I knew this before I married him, and I just wanna say thanks Dad for all you taught me!) So I figured I'd buy a piece of pipe and a saw and cut them all the same length. And then if it's too tall, I can trim down as needed. Now would you suggest that I get a pipe that's fairly close to the leg size, or one way bigger? And should I get end caps or not? Don't want to venture into this completely blind! ;)

Another thing is that our internet cable might be up in the air for a few days... or weeks. See, our new apartment comes with expanded basic TV cable for free and they have a special agent for the complex that will make sure that we're not charged for TV cable when we're trying to hook up for internet cable. My husband tried to call the agent today, but she's out of town... so we're try again tomorrow. I know we'll have internet until Saturday for sure cuz my husband has a big game online Friday night. :)

A gratitude for today: the apartment people fixed all the stuff I complained about on Monday - disposal works now, we have an over-the-stove light and our silverware drawer won't flop out and give our toes a fast and painful death. Also the outside light that's on a timer should be working... but I'll have to find out whenever I'm there at night. :)



anne bebbington said...

really love that pattern - can't wait to see it stitched up! Good luck settling into your new apartment Leah - the pipes oin the legs of the table sounds a great idea, my guess would be a pipe size that's a reasonably snug fit to the legs - good luck I'm sure you'll get it sorted

Sarah said...

Ok, now are you going to share with us how to do the jpg thing? Please?

Congrats on your new sewing room!


computerpeach said...

very cool! I won't tell!

I have been using tge jpg thing for my patterns for a long time.

That would be a very cool leader and ender project...

Dawn said...

Yes please share the jpg trick. I know how to save the picture as a bmp in EQ5, but what is the jpg trick? I always save it as a bmp and then open paint and convert it.

Did I tell you I got a wonder ruler at Paducah? Haven't had time to use it yet, but I have it!

As for the PVC pipe. I'd say a little bigger, but not hugely bigger. And if you have nice carpeting I would put some kind of cap on the bottom, but if it isn't then I think the open bottom would help keep it from slipping? This is all jsut a guess you know!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

No idea about how to go about the PVC pipe thing - but - if I were you, I would ask the hardware store if they could cut them to the length you want! Some big hardware stores are very nice about cutting things for you.

Let us know how it all worked out.



Pam said...

My quilt guild has these blocks of wood - a piece of 4"x4" which are each cut about 8" long and on top of each piece is a circle drilled about 2" in diameter and 1 or so inches deep. Then we can put the blocks of wood under any table legs and the legs sit in the little hole and the table is quite steady and the right height for cutting.
Really easy to use. I wonder if a good lumber yard would cut the wood and the quickly drill the top for you.

Finn said...

Sounds wonderful Leah!! I can hardly wait til you can begin sharing with us from there!!!

Love your EQ design..trimming down the HST's is my pitfall also..has to be done.

Maybe when you get settled you can tell me how the Wonder ruler eliminates that??? I hope, I hope!

Lily said...

Leah LOL my husband is the same as yours!! I am the handywoman around the house. But I learnt my skills from my mum!!!!

HSTs, yes, must get mine done for my quilt TODAY!!