Sunday, August 13, 2006

Downpour and Hour 1

This morning my husband and I woke up to rain outside. I didn't think too much of it and started my usual routine of checking messages and blogs. Then there was a camera-like flash in my sewing room with a heartrending BOOM! There was absolutely no pause between the time the lighting flashed and the thunder hit. My heart pounded so hard. I immediately turned off my computer and unplug that and the sewing machine. Not interested in frying my toys! :P

Then I grabbed the camera and stood on the covered front porch just watching the rain come down, down, down.

Nice river eh? ;)

And here's a matching pond. :)

This poor bird was trying to take refuge on our back deck.

Worse... we had to go down those stairs, wade through the water with laundry baskets in our hands and headed to the in-laws. I was wearing my Teva sandals and a skirt, so I didn't get so bothered by my wet feet. But my poor husband soaked his tennis and jean cuffs. But we just HAD to do laundry and were on the verge of having no more clean underwear. :P

I even teased my mother-in-law that they had added value to their property by the (rain-made) swimming pool in their backyard. The funny thing is that ALL the water is gone now. It may rain hard and heavy during the monsoon, but it sure doesn't hang around for long!

I'm sure many of you quilters know the 1-hour-a-day challenge that Judy's offering. Well, when she put up this post I just HAD to get started right there, right then. :)

I made an orderly list of things I hoped to accomplished in an hour and from 7 to 8 I steadily worked. Nope, didn't get everything done, but I'm pleased with my progress. I have the inside block parts cut, I have the HSTs ready to iron open. I am doing 12 blocks opposed to 20 like Judy though.

But I was really pleased at how easy it was to stick to working on the quilt for one hour straight. The list was a big help too - I didn't stop and puzzle about what would be best to do next. I didn't try to take breaks and lose my concentration. And it's fun to cross stuff out! :)

I'm hoping to see various progress through quilty-blogland tomorrow! :)



JudyL said...

Leah! Good for you. I'm so excited to see someone doing it! Can't wait to see your finished top.

Thanks for sharing a picture.

Judy L.

Nancy said...

That's a very good start you have going there. All I've done so far is pull my fabrics so I'd be ready to start sewing this evening. I like your colors. One day I'm going to have to do a purple/green quilt.

Quilty Nurse said...

I'm impressed with how organised you were! Can't wait to see the results. Happy sewing :-)

Melzie said...

Very pretty colors! I want to get started wahhh :) I'll have to make up tomorrow LOl xoxo melzie

Cynthia said...

good for you with starting on your HSTs. I was hoping to start mine this afternoon and then my 2 year old niece wanted to come over and so that was the end of that. I'll be headng down to the sewing room tonight.