Saturday, September 16, 2006


I need a picture... and I don't have any. So I'm posting one that's 4 years old. It was right after my dad bought my mom a digital camera in 2002. I practiced using the timer and sent one to my husband.

Of course this was back in the days of dial up... 10 minutes for me to send it, and 10 minutes for him to download it. I didn't send too many pictures! :) But everything is pretty much the same. My hair is still that long and I haven't dyed it or anything. I still have that shirt. I did gain about 20 pounds since... but that's it. :)

Hey... I can make it quilty after all. I just noticed on the right side of the photo is the pillowcase I made to match the quilt that my mom started and I finished.

I wanna say that she started it in 95 or 96... She completed a dozen log cabin blocks and then somehow it got buried with other needs and building their house. In 2001 both of my grandmas died. My mom's mom was at my parents house for her final days and a close friend of hers gave her this quilt:

I spent hours studying it and felt compelled to try to make one myself. I had to hunt pretty hard to find Eleanor Burn's Log Cabin In a Day, but I easily found the unfinished blocks. I proceeded to complete the quilt in the beginning of 2002 and that was the start of my quilting hobby.

The last 2 years I've been sleeping under that log cabin quilt. Well, it does get kicked off a lot during the hot summer nights. :P Definately one of those "comfort" quilts that have a lot of handling and love. No holes, yet! :)

My trip to Tucson was pretty successful. I got to see that Wild Oats is a lot like Whole Food stores. I had a little sticker shock as I went through the store though. :P Then I realized EVERYTHING was organic or natural, and that's not quite up my alley. I'm more interested in non-processed foods, rather than organic itself. But I had much better luck at Trader Joe's... wish one would be built closer to here!

I spent about $40 less than I expect at Costco... so of course I went to JoAnn's! ;) I got 2 yards of Kona Black at 50% off and a bolt of white on white circles. Great backgrounds... but they don't photograph well. I also bought extra high loft batting for my husband's quilt... that I hope to have done for Christmas. And I hope he doesn't read my blog! :P

On Friday I was going to vacuum the living room floor so I could pin a quilt (or at least start to think about it) and the vacuum made a horribly loud sound! Closer inspection showed that the beater bar is stuck. It will absolutely not budge, no matter how much I poked and prodded at it. I did test the hose attachment to see if the vacuum was still sucking in general. Told my husband "well, it still sucks, so that's good... uh, wait... duh, this sucks!" So looks like I'm stuck without a vacuum until we can go to Costco and replace it... beginning of October. Dang. And I was finally starting to vacuum more than once a month. :P



Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Always interesting to hear how another quilter got their start - there is always a story...



Andrew said...

I wrote a post a while ago called "The Hunt for the Vacuum Cleaner Gene" ... but I never considered what to do if the darn thing was busted :o)

That's a nice looking quilt.

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Dawn said...

Leah you are absolutely gorgeous in that picture! And what fun quilts! And I"m so glad you got the quilting bug! Otherwise I would never have gotten to know you!

Melzie said...

YOu are so PRETTY Leah :) Nice quilts :D xoxo melzie

Andrea said...

You're pretty. :)

Is it possible that there is hair around the beater bar? Or maybe a belt broke? I think the beater bar in moms has stopped because a belt broke.

Shelina said...

A pretty picture for a pretty lady.
The quilts are pretty too.
I think quilters are harder on their vacuum cleaners than normal people. All those loose threads get stuck in my vacuum cleaners. I guess that gives me a reason not to vacuum so often!

~Quasimodo~ said...

Aww, you're such a cutey, Leah, and I love your quilts. I'm subbing to your blog. :D