Sunday, September 03, 2006

Messy Quilter

Let's face it... I'm not the neatest quilter in the world. :P You get the uneditted and uncropped version of my sewing table and cutting table.

But I can function perfectly fine in all that chaos. It doesn't slowly drive me mad. Since I'm the only one who plays in this room, things are exactly where I left them. I do have to work a bit to keep my cutting table and ironing board clear so I can actually work at them... but otherwise it's like the mess isn't there.

In the piles of fabric on my tables, I have projects and leftovers from:
  • Judy's One Hour A Day Project
  • the Depression Quilt for my husband
  • 4-patch Chain
  • Star Struck
  • Leaders & Enders
  • my Aunt's quilt
  • the Simple Cross
    ...and a whole bunch of handdyed strips just lying around.

    I'm sure you didn't miss my notions and non-fabric quilty needs. Thread, rotary cutters, markers, tissue box for scrap ends that are too small to sew, Kabnet Wax paper, a box that I'm going to use to either hold thread or a UFO, my lamp, magazine, and even a glass vase that I use to hold the ends of my dog ear trimmings from HSTs. Cheerfully adorned with fake sunflowers. ;)

    So, does anybody else wanna fess up to being a less-than-neat quilter? ;)


    dot said...

    I strategicly (hope this is spelled right) take pictures in my sewing room so you all can't see my mess. At least you have the nerve to post yours.

    Mrs. Moody said...

    I will admit that I am a messy quilter. Sad thing is that I have it in more than one room so that means multiple messes! :)

    Hedgehog said...

    I've just moved and don't have a lot of my supplies with me, but over time, the mess will grow! Thanks for all the links to your old and on-going projects. They were fun to check out.

    Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

    Hummm... looks like you could use an extra flat surface somewhere - when I have a small space I like to buy those little stacking units and go UP in order to keep my counter clear - I have 2 of those for my sewing area and really like them. The other thing I do - for my kitchen which has a TINY counter space is to use my cake cooling racks for additional counter space when I am cooking something - gives me additional space (plus I often put my big cutting board across the top of my sink to create more counter space!). With a Little Boy and a very curious one at that on the loose - my rotary cutters and scissors LIVE in a pencil box either on top of the fridge or high up on the bookcase.

    You go girl, sew, sew, sew!!! Looks like everything is handy and easy for you to reach!



    Andrea said...

    I don't have enough room on my table to use the cutting mat so I have to sit on the living room floor. Which means if I want to cut fabric I either have to wait till Alex is asleep or put him in his playpen.

    Sweet P said...

    I confess I am not a messy quilter. I keep my cutting table clean and my sewing table clean. On my sewing table I have a wood tray to hold my notions. The only place that tends to collect stuff is the top of my Singer treadle cabinet.

    Quilty Nurse said...

    Lol Leah, I've seen worse. I've got a shoebox for bits from each of my projects, so I usually only have one or two projects out at a time, but I can work in mess, or as I like to think of it, Organised Chaos, no problem. UNLESS someone else comes along and starts moving stuff, then things get a bit confusing. I'm a bit spoiled because I have a work table that is 4ft x 7ft in a room that was built as a billiard/pool room, so I can spread out.

    Shelina said...

    I like to spread out my stuff like you have too. It's like I have to be able to see it to remember that it is there. Also helps me pick up where I left off without having to do a lot of thinking. I just put everything away for company, and am trying to think of a way to bring it out so it will still look neat and organized.

    Melzie said...

    LOL I SO cannot work in a mess! But different strokes for different folks makes the world fun! xoxo melzie

    joyce said...

    To me messy really means busy. I usually clean up between projects but your picture looks busy and creative to me.

    Beth said...

    I always enjoy reading your blog. I just put a link on my blog with my other favorite blogs!


    Gail said...

    It looks like you actually get some work done- and that some is in progress. I'm not sure that is 'mess', just quilts in progress.

    deputyswife said...

    For a moment there, I thought you came to my house and took a picture of my sewing area!!!