Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yellow & Baby quilt done

The good news, my husband's computer is restored back to order! The fan fell off of it's mounting brackets and we were having trouble finding anybody who carried it in stock. He found a guy, got the fan back in place for $50 and the processor wasn't damaged, so everything is happy again in our little over-hot apartment. ;)

After pinning the quilt last night, I fooled around on the computer and then at midnight I asked my husband if he was gonna go to bed any time soon. Said he didn't think so... ok! Might as well start quilting it too. :)

I finished at 1:30am, non-stop quilting, only needing to replace the bobbin thread once. I was originally planning peacock feathering design, but I just couldn't get it to flow for me on pen and paper. So I made a similar design, by simply not closing the "feathers".

I'm also loving my Essential Threads as much as anything for free-motioning. All I had to do was adjust the top tension a bit to avoid pokies and I was happily sailing through the spool. It's ok for piecing, but absolutely fantastic for quilting!! (I used color "Butter" for this quilt).

And I had fun!! My biggest problem was trying not to move the quilt too fast. I was flooring the pedal the whole time. I need a faster machine. :)

The binding was put on this morning and finished a couple hours ago.

And I like the pattern. Hopefully it'll encourage me to continue to "explore" new designs. Well, I'm interested in learning how to free-hand regular feathers, I just haven't gotten the knack for it on paper yet. They look like leaves and vines. :P

It's only 6:40pm... wonder what else I can whip up before going to bed! :D



Doodlebug Gail said...

That's gorgeous Leah - great job on the quilting - I am going to have to try that. Thanks for linking back to Tazzie's instructions.

Glad to read that the computer problem was fixed so easily.

Gail said...

What a sweet quilt!Your quilting worked out very well, too.

deputyswife said...

You did an awesome job on the quilting! I love the design.

I had to tell you... today at work (cuz I have nothing to do, ya know) I googled dyeing fabric. I can't stop thinking about those beautiful fabrics!

I might have found me another project for this summer!

Quilt Nut said...

it gorgeous. you did a fantastic job on the quilting

Bingo~Bonnie said...

Wow what an outstanding job you did on the quilting!!! You really must get a longarm one day/year!!! I can't imagine how great you will be at it - you are a born "natural" now!!! Again, the quilting sis FANTASTIC LEAH!!! :) ~Bonnie

Helen in the UK said...

Great quilt - beautiful quilting :)

Peggy said...

SUPER SUPER SUPER job on the quilting! I can't believe you can get that done so quickly!

Dawn said...

WOW - your quilting on this is AMAZING! I love it!

Sølvi said...

Your quilting looks great. Wish i had known about patchwork and quilting at your age.