Monday, May 28, 2007

Must be Monday

This Monday has had a bit of a rough start - my husband was up late last night playing on his computer, and his fan fell off of his processor. Computer died. So he took it to Best Buy this morning and they were super helpful, but they didn't have the parts he needs. Now he needs to take it to some other computer guy, but of course he's closed, as today is a holiday. It'll be about $100 to see if the processor survived, and whether he still has a computer or a $2,500 hunk of metal. :P

It's a little frustrating having computer woes. Especially since his computer is only 1.5 years old, and this is the second time it's died. Mine is approaching 4 years old this fall and I really haven't had any trouble with it. Couple viruses a while back... but it's not like I've ever seen the blue screen or anything scary like that. Thank God. :)

So I'm bracing myself for a dead computer and being forced to buy a laptop several months sooner than I ever wanted to. Let's hope it doesn't happen...


No pictures today, but I'll link you up to some goodies!

Like... my aunt posted about dyeing with me. :)

Yesterday I washed the heart quilt because I finished the binding on Saturday. So happy it didn't bleed red!!!!!!!!!

And today I pinned this quilt and hope to do some peacock feathering on it.

Let's hope tomorrow brings better news! :)



Carole said...

Lap tops are not so bad. I have one and it's my life line. We have wireless and can take it outside, surf while my dd plays in the pool. It's also wonderful to surf in bed! Believe there are lots of advantages to a lap top! ;o) Be well!

QuiltingFitzy said...

We buy our laptops on eBay, reconditioned models and never pay more than $400 with XP, please look into it.

I read your Aunt's site about your dying, I'm so envious. Yes, I'll take you up on your offer but I have to get a job and figure out that schedule first, lol.