Saturday, November 24, 2007

On the edge

For some reason I didn't feel like trying to come up with a backing that was over 50 inches wide. It's an annoying figure to work with.

So I opted to use 1.5 yards of fleece that I got over a year ago. Well, it was 3 yards, but I cut it in half to cover my window over the summer (the sun was too strong). I knew I had 7 blocks, and for some reason my brain did the math for 7" square blocks, not the 7.5" they actually are. The different is a good 4 inches! :P Careful pinning was required, but I made it. Now to quilt it. :)


I'm kinda hoping to do a "weekly tally" sort of thing.

I completed two quilts this week. One doesn't really count, as I just had the binding to finish on Sunday. The other one was a small baby quilt. Now to find a baby for it... ;)

I used up a spool of Essential thread. Note that I didn't say I STARTED using it this week, but I finished it off this week. :D Actually started that spool some time in October.

I used up 6 bobbins worth of thread this week, some in piecing, some in quilting. I feel like bobbins are the best way to "mark" the amount of quilting I've done. I take too many computer breaks to do it by the hour. :P

And I've used somewhere around 5 yards this week. I have like what, 1853 more to go? :D Actually, I have no idea how much fabric I do have, but in any case, I'm 5 yards less this week, and I didn't buy any. :)


But can you quilters out there send me a little comfort? Let's say that somehow I do manage to bust all my stash away, till I have like, 25 yards left. That's a scary thought for me. That feels akin to being told that all I get to eat is beans for the rest of the year.

Anyhow, if I do reach that point, will somebody come to my rescue? Send me a box of fabric so I can keep playing? I just need to know that I have a "back up" plan, because if I don't have one, why should I use up my fabric?! :)



Becky said...

If you get down to the last bits of your fabric that means that you get to go fabric shopping without guilt!

Kim said...

for sure Leah when you get to a bin or two ( instead of 8 like me) then you definatly deserve a big shopping trip. And you can always order kona white and dye something "just for fun" to use. I've been working on cutting up and using the What was I thinking stuff and making scrap quilts mainly. But think of my problem, I'm making 7 30 block quilts all the same and almost all of it came out of my stash :O I've been buying backgrounds and still have bins and bins of fabric. The last fabric other than background was a Halloween panel I'm still quilting and some 30's fqs at the quilt show. Oh and 3 batik panels from a vendor for wall hangings for the teens....but I am going to starting more into 10 1/2" squares for backings and see what happens to a couple of the bins. I do have it sorted by color for the most part and it is way better than it was 2 years ago but still out of control. And I know I'm getting more 30s stuff for Xmas -....

Juliann in WA said...

If you get down to the point where you can't start another quilt - I will gladly send you a box of fabric so you can keep playing. That would be amazing and so very fun to see!

Appleby said...

I would love to send you a box of fabric, but my stash is so small.......that's the joy of being a beginner quilter!!!