Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When I should have been packing...

...I might have been sewing. :D

Yup, more progress on the Galaxy Stars quilt. I think I've got the hardest part behind me. It'll just be block sections to piece, and then to put together into a top.

I also need to seriously organize my room... I'm losing quilts! I've lost my snowball and 9-patch blocks. I hunted and hunted for it... but it just wasn't findable. At least it's all together, and not likely a block here, block there. :P On the other hand, I'll forgive myself, as I haven't done anything with it in 1.5 years.

While hunting around, I also realized that I managed to misplace my Snail's Trail quilt top. Ugh. Haven't seen it in about a year. And you'd think I'd be organized enough to hang it up so stuff like this doesn't happen!

Yeah, I'm a little mad at myself, but that's ok... I found a different quilt top to finish piecing at my parents house. Fancy that. :D


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